You Are What You Read

True Confession: I am a very disloyal reader. I tend to go through spurts, binging on different types of books: biographies, inspiration, women’s fiction, Amish romances, historical romances, Jane Austen Fan Fiction, classics. I am an author’s worst nightmare because I stray from my favorites. After two or three books, I get tired of the genre and float to another genre.

Sorry, Jodi Picoult.

As an author and an avid reader, I love the Kindle Unlimited program. Truly, Amazon is my best friend. Without Amazon, I might not have my two publishers right now.

[Full disclosure: One of my publishers is an Amazon imprint]

I love shopping on Amazon. I love my Amazon Prime. And I love Kindle Unlimited…one of the best programs for readers that is out there…besides the library, I guess. Finally, I love that not only do I get to try out a book, I don’t have to “KEEP” the book, even if I like it. I have three libraries in my house. THREE! I don’t have room for many more books and, as a book hoarder, it’s just better for me and my house if I read them on my Kindle.

There is, however, a dark side. As usual, yucky people have found a way to ruin a good thing. I truly believe that the love of money is a thing of the devil. And these yucky people are, in my opinion, evil.

These people pretend to be authors, self-publish dozens of books in the same month (sometimes even the same day!), and incorporate gimmicks in the book to target unknowing people with their .99 cent or free book. As soon as you open the book, they get money. YOUR money as well as money from legitimate authors.

Most of the time, the books are written by ghost writers (something else of the devil, in my opinion) and/or one or two things might be changed in the book so that they can publish it multiple times with a different cover. In the Regency collection, several “authors” publish the exact same book…word for word!…but with different titles. The only difference is that they change the order of the chapters/stories inside. Unknowingly, people will read these books and the “author” gets paid just for you opening the book!

Here’s a sample of one “book”:

Book Example

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