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The process of writing a book is just as much talking about the book as it is sitting in front of a computer and writing. The hard part is finding people that are willing to brainstorm!  Now, that being said, you might think that is a strange comment…most people would be willing to brainstorm but…not when they actually want to read the book! That’s the drawback.

Just yesterday, I was traveling with my husband and we were talking about Valley of Hope in the car. At one point, he said, “Don’t tell me anymore! You’ll ruin the story!” 

I had to laugh at that comment. Just like my other readers, my husband is a fan of the Amish genre. Without doubt, he is my #1 fan (sorry Mom…you haven’t devoured them as quickly!).  Being a fan, he wants to enjoy the book in its completion.  We both know that, if I tell him too much, it will “ruin the story.” 

So, I sit here at the computer, completely aware that I cannot brainstorm too much with my fans for fear of ruining the story for them.  And people who haven’t read the other books….well, they wouldn’t understand the Lapp family.  The good news is that I have a clear picture of what will happen in Valley of Hope. Like my other books, it will be quite different with surprises along the way.  The even better news is that my husband is stepping it up at home so that I have more free time to write.  He’s eager to read the next installment!  🙂 

7 thoughts on “Writing a Book…

  1. Sarah if you are desperate for someone to brainstorm ideas let me know. I will be in Philadelphia April 15-18 than heading over to Lancaster County April 19-22. But I am always available from home. Alothough I am not a writer, I am working on my degree to become a teacher and have mental block with lesson plans and papers I need to write so maybe helping you unblock your creativity would help unblock mine as well. Feel free to contact me by email Even though I am an avid read and a big fan I don’t mind the story not being a complete surprise when reading. I still will want to read the final outcome. 🙂

    1. Hi Alice,
      If I go to my place in Lancaster that weekend, I’ll surely take you up on that. We can have a cup of coffee! I just don’t know if I’ll be going out that weekend…

  2. I am another one who would be happy to brainstorm! You can reach me via email or facebook. There are aspects of your writing I absolutely love and I would be happy to delineate those. There is one thing I didn’t like, and I’d be happy to share that as well.

    I think the genre has so much depth, you could write and bless lives with many different stories.

    After discovering last night that your new book was available for Kindle, I bought it and began reading about Rachel and Daniel. I’m so excited to have your book to read, as I’ve read the other two twice through. Let me know if you need a brainstormer. I may not compare to your mother or husband as far as your biggest fan, but I do very much love your writing.

  3. Dear Sarah,
    I beg to differ…I think I may be your biggest fan, lol!
    This post reminds me of my husband and brother in law. I can sit with my daughter or sister and talk about a book or movie (that we are reading or going to read or want to see), and we can give spoilers to each other and it doesn’t stop the want to finish the book or see the movie. If anything, it makes me want to read or see it more, because I want to see it in action. (Even reading a good book is like seeing a movie to me. It plays in my head!) My husband and BIL however, want NO type of spoilers! Glad to hear the hubby is cracking that whip, lol! Good man you have there! I LOVE your writing, but…you already know that! ;0)

    1. Well, you do have a point here, Sue. You ARE the #1 fan…but he is the one who pushes me at home. LOL.
      You are also the only one who, to date, I’ve let read the books pre-publishing! 🙂 I hope you will continue with Valley of Hope.

  4. While your husband reads your new book, have him proof-read as he goes. You have a lot of mistakes and grammar errors in your stories. I have learned to “read over the mistakes”, but as a writer, you need a proof-reader before your books go to print. I do love your stories about the Amish, though. I will be waiting for your next story of Valley of Hope.

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