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Why We Read by Beverly Farr

Dinner burns.

The check is late.

Someone else gets the promotion.

A loved one is ill.

Whatever our circumstances, life is hard. No one gets all smooth sailing.

But when we are tired, discouraged or fearful, we can read and escape into another world. A world of heroes where virtue triumphs, mountains are climbed, and knowledge is gained. I believe that fiction done right speaks to our souls, reinforcing truths that we already know.

William Nicholson once said, “We read to know that we are not alone” and I agree.

My favorite genre is romance because my true, lovely, supporting relationship with my husband gives me the strength to tackle my dragons. And I love reading about others who somehow find a kindred spirit or a better half. Not that happily ever after is a permanent state. That’s impossible. But I like closing a book or clicking on the final page believing that the two main characters have created a lasting bond that will enable them to face whatever lies ahead.

And that’s why I write – to give that sense of well-being and hope to others.

Note: William Nicholson’s quote is often attributed to C. S. Lewis, because Nicholson used that line in his beautiful play Shadowlands which is about C. S. Lewis.

Beverly Farr writes sweet quirky romances. She also writes Jane Austen Variations under the pen name Jane Grix.

“I love happy endings and I love to laugh. Since real life has a way of being tough sometimes, I write quirky, sweet romances to take the edge off.”

Visit with Beverly at, on Amazon: Beverly Farr and Jane Grix.

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