When You Wake Up Not Alone

So. After driving 20+ hours, I arrived in Florida ready to hit the hay. It’s always sad to go to bed here in Florida when Marc is back in NJ. Even when he snores, I just like knowing he’s there. When I snore, I’m sure he feels the same way about me, too. 😄

But unbeknownst to me, my husband made sure I did not sleep alone.

You see, sometimes he likes to snack in bed. I don’t mean like a Dagwood sandwich or pistachio nuts. I mean like a little candy or, his favorite, Wurthers.

Sometime (cough—always) the little wrappers stay on the nightstand. I never could understand why. 😉

Until tonight.

When Marc isn’t home, I usually have one or two (or three) dogs and a cat in the bed. Tonight, however, I had another little special friend: a mouse. And one or two of his buddies.


Now, those of you who really know me will be aware that I love animals. Not so keen on reptiles. But fuzzy little and big animals? Right up my alley. If I identify with any of the people from the Bible, you won’t be surprised to know that Noah is my man.

Clearly Marc knows this, too!!! ❤❤❤ and he gifted me with three new little friends hanging around a half chewed up Wurthers on my pillow.

So as I settle down to sleep with my new buddies, I can only pray that my other buddy, the cat, doesn’t ruin the party later on.

Moral to the Story: Don’t eat in bed. 🤣🤣🤣

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3 thoughts on “When You Wake Up Not Alone

  1. My dear Sarah, I would now be in the emergency room suffering from a massive heart attack. Sometimes things happen to the right people but I just cannot fathom might in bed with me. Or with you! Yes, Noah would be a good match.

  2. Love your story. Love all animals but can’t imagine sharing my bed with these little critters!! Lol

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