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What’s On YOUR Bookshelf?

If you are anything like me, you probably have a stack of books on your nightstand.

Books on nightstand

When I was little, my mother always made me eat EVERYTHING on my plate. If I dished my own food, I wasn’t allowed to waste anything. There was no “eyes bigger than the stomach” at our table. I’m really glad THAT rule does not carry over to my nightstand (and window ledge) because I’d never leave my bedroom–my go-to place for reading.

What is it about collecting books? I collect them, I have every intention of reading them, by my eyes are definitely bigger than my time. Simply put, I’m too busy to read ALL of the books that I’ve purchased.

So I have a new challenge for myself. Besides reading all of the books that I HAVE purchased, I’ve decided that I’m not buying books unless I know the author, like the writing, and love the storyline. It’s really easy to think “OOOO! It’s on sale!” or to grab two or three books from a thrift store. But I have to realize that time is valuable and I do not want to spend time reading books that are anything less than worthy of my time.

In today’s world, ANYONE can write a book and publish it. But just because it’s out there, it doesn’t mean it’s good enough for me to invest my money and my time into it.

For me, I like reading novels that are masterfully written with great storylines. When it comes to Amish fiction, I have a handful of authors that I will read because, frankly, many authors of this genre seem to tell the same story over and over again. Sometimes I feel as if they do a FIND AND REPLACE to change names and locations and then VOILA! new book. That’s not worthy of my money or time.

Others do not know the Amish culture. At. All. That tells me that they have not done their research. And do YOU really want to read a book that misrepresents the Amish culture?

Finally, there are a few that have writing that makes me roll my eyes. While I enjoy reading books that do not require a PhD to understand, I do like to read books that presume I have more than an eighth grade level in reading.

It’s a privilege to write books for others to read and enjoy. I know this and respect my readers. When a person sits down with a Sarah Price book, they know that they will read a well-written story with a unique storyline that is as true to the Amish culture as I can provide. So why on earth would I invest time and money in an author who does NOT respect their readers and cuts corners?

So tell me…what books are on your nightstand that you collected but haven’t read yet? And, better yet, which ones are worth your investment?

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3 thoughts on “What’s On YOUR Bookshelf?

  1. The only books on my shelf right now are your books. When I get them I know I will finish them because you capture the reader in the first chapter and I have a really hard time putting your books down.

  2. Before I became 100% committed to reading my Amish genre books on my Kindle, I was purchasing Amish genre books based on the series I was reading but more importantly the authors that were true to the Amish culture and still are. I still read those authors for reviews. Sarah you are one of them.

    The paperback books that were purchased were passed along to my mom and grandma to read. My grandma and parents still pass books between them.

    There are two popular Amish genre authors that I don’t read any more because their storyline was too difficult for me to follow. It was like their editors had them add extra words that the authors didn’t need. Those extra sentences were complicating the follow of the storyline.
    One of the authors I’m talking about is the oldest writer of the Amish genre, which I feel is sad. Some of my friends still read her and that’s fine. We are all grown to agree to disagree.
    Not everyone likes the same things in the Amish genre.

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