What’s it like at Christmas for Amish newlyweds?

In my novella, A Christmas Gift for Rebecca, I explore something that is not very well known to most people: Amish newlyweds do not live together when they first get married.

That’s right.

Most people don’t know that fact and it certainly isn’t explored in most Amish Christian fiction. On rare occasions, older Amish men who are already established might marry and bring their bride home or access to an apartment on their parents’ farm might allow Amish couples to set up housekeeping shortly after their marriage. But usually, it can be months before they actually live together.

I found this out from numerous books over the years but just recently met my first Amish couple who were “visiting” on the weekend during their time together (Friday night to Sunday night usually).  That made me start thinking about Christmas and how that works for Amish newlyweds. A Christmas Gift for Rebecca was born. While the novella focuses on Christmas as theme, the idea of the book is to educate the readers about Amish life…beyond the facts that we read about in books (some accurate, some not so much) or see in movies.

I hope you enjoy this book. I know I sure did…and I’m getting requests for sequels! Might just have to consider that…