What’s Happening on Gibbons Road?

Fruits of the Spirit by Sarah Price, author of Amish romances
Have you been reading Fruits of the Spirit? There’s an awful lot of things happening in this small Amish community on Gibbons Road.

It’s a clean, realistic soap opera that will introduce you to an entire community. As you read the episodes, you will find yourself learning about the day-to-day life of Amish people in real-time. It’s a tremendous undertaking and, frankly, I’m having a lot of fun writing these weekly episodes (although it’s more like bi-weekly at this point).

For the first few episodes, I’ve been focusing mostly on the Yoder and Riehl families. Emanuel and Elizabeth Yoder are facing some tough changes in their future, especially with Emanuel’s involvement with the church and community leadership. Meanwhile, their oldest son, Zach is pursuing his special friendship with Katie King while their second eldest daughter, Lena, has been encouraged by Titus Stoltzfus to apply for a special competition.

As you read these episodes, you may notice familiarities with my own life–especially when you read about Lena.  Most of my novels have aspects of truth in them. A perfect example is Johanna Raber who really raised a fuss about the King family in episode three and four. She is the perfect breeze through protagonist–she shows up, makes a stink, and then disappears…just like someone who recently did the same in my real life.

The same is true with some other characters in the series–some good and some not so good (although the latter makes wonderful villains!). But I’ll let you figure out who they are! 😉


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