What We Should Learn From The Amish

So many people enjoy reading about the Amish culture and religion. As our lives get busier and more stressful, it seems that our affection for this simple way of life increases. Technology that should make our lives easier does the reverse. Access to so much information should help us but it doesn’t. Communicating with people from afar should be enjoyable but often it isn’t.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we embrace the Amish culture.

What We Should Learn From The Amish

And still we do not seem to learn from their examples.

Wouldn’t our lives be simpler with less “things” and attachments to the world? If we could separate ourselves from the things in life that upset us? Build walls around the bad while wrapping our arms around the good?

For the past month, I’ve been living in a small little town in Florida. I have to tell you that it will be very hard to return to New Jersey with its congestion, noise, and people.

Yes, people.

I’ve found that the residents of my little Florida town are kind and friendly, willing to help neighbors and ready at a moment’s notice to stop and chat. Strangers wave to each other, whether they are walking along the road or driving a car. And I love how they call me ma’am and Miss Sarah.

It reminds me a lot of an Amish community, where people are, indeed, a community and focused on the greater good rather than individual gain. Back in Morristown, so many people work their entire lives trying to out-do others, to be better, have bigger, achieve more. And the entire time they are focused on those goals, they are missing out on something important: living.

I think that’s one of the things that I love about the Amish. They live life. They appreciate what they have and accept what they don’t have. Most of the Amish that I have met do not buy things on credit…they wait until they have saved their money to make purchases. And those purchases are necessities, not frivolous things.

I’m learning a lot about myself while I’m down here in Archer. And I’m recognizing the parallels of this slower lifestyle with the Amish way of life. I only hope and pray that I can discipline myself to keep this lesson when I drive out the gate in April to return to New Jersey.

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One thought on “What We Should Learn From The Amish

  1. I love the Amish so much they have a very easy simple life my daughter and friend took me to an Amish community in Aruther for my birthday and I loved it I am waiting to go back I even got to ride in one of there buggies it was awesome I read there books all the time have new ones coming there is so much more I could say but it would take all day my experience was great and waiting to go again. Wilma from Illinois

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