What Makes Life Special???

I think all of us have dreams, dreams that come from our inner-most desires and yearnings, often born from our childhood hopes and aspirations. What was yours?

Mine was writing. I was a writer from the age of…well, whenever I could hold a pencil in my hand. My older sister used to play school with me. I was her pupil, she was the teacher. When I was three, she taught me how to read. My first book was Who’s Who at the Zoo! When I went to read it to my parents, they were so proud. Reading at three years old! Other people accused me of memorizing the words. 🙁 Always the critics, I suppose. Can’t escape them.

But the truth was…I was addicted to words and, indeed, I was reading.

Many years later, I graduated high school early, went to college (graduated early) then I attended my first graduate school (graduated early). After graduating, I enrolled in one more graduate school. Then, when I graduated from that school, I enrolled for my doctorate (still doing it). Education is an addiction, I suppose. My mother always taught me that no one can ever take away your education. Besides my FB friends and husband, she IS my best friend.

Because of my mother, I took education seriously. With three degrees and counting (PhD on the bend), I think I have given my ancestors something to be proud of (or cringe at…not certain).

My undergraduate degree was from Drew University and I majored in Anthropology and minored in Writing (surprised?). I was fortunate because my degree enabled me to spend time living among the Amish as part of my studies as well as traveling with the circus (another passion of mine but that’s another posting). I just love American cultures. But it began way before then.

Indeed, when I was in high school, I studied the culture of homeless people in a small town. It was amazing and I was accepted into the town’s group of homeless. They allowed me to study and report on them to my teachers. My research enabled me to graduate early from high school which gave a jump-start to my post-secondary education.

But does that make life special?

I suspect you know the answer is NO. While I obviously continued with my education throughout the years, that was just a piece of the puzzle. Indeed, I knew that life’s answers did not come from education alone. It came from life itself.

Life is an amazing thing. We are all given it. We might not all have been dealt a hand that is so great, but we all have the ability to do something amazing with our lives. I have friends who are facing horrible things in their lives but they still enjoy the moment of stopping to see robins at play, or sparrows gathering at bird feeders, or the beauty of clouds forming pretty pictures against a blue sky.

So, what does make life special? I think it’s facing our fears head on, living our life to the max, and enjoying every happy moment that you can. Whether I am driving into NYC in traffic (which isn’t fun) or staring at a blank screen that is begging to be filled with words (much more fun), I approach it with love in my heart and laughter in my soul.

Whoopie Pie Pam recently introduced me to Joel Osteen. I’ve been reading his book, Every Day is Friday. I love this book. That is how I live my life (even before Joel became part of it). Every day should be Friday. We all love Friday…no work for two days, time to relax, laugh, enjoy our friends and family. But why shouldn’t every day be Friday? There is so much enjoyment in everyday.

This week, feeling the Joel Osteen love, I vowed to follow his advice. On Monday, it took me three hours to get to work. The commute was awful. But, I had fun with my friend, Nadia. We laughed, talked, took funny photos of ourselves and other drivers (some they would be horrified to know we face-booked). It was a wonderful three hours, just two young women (one younger than the other…her!) in complete belly laughs. Thank you Joel Osteen for allowing me to see the beauty in horrible NYC traffic! <3

Reminded me of the time of my Paris trip with my sister and niece for her 16th birthday. A whirlwind tour that was the best vacation of my life…from poking homeless people on the street (my husband specifically said, "Do NOT approach the homeless!") to seeing an entire city in five days ("How DID you see all of THAT in one day???" said my French husband). Life is full of…LIFE!

So, what does make life special? I think WE make life special. Every individual has a special life. It's our life. The only life we have. Enjoy it. Live every minute to the fullest. Laugh with your friends. Love your enemies. And simply…LIVE!

Thank you God for giving me the friends and life to see happiness when I sometimes could see sorrow. Thank you for giving me the Sparrow and for showing me that one little bird can make a difference. I hope the Sparrow sees how important her life is to the few, the many…us all.

Hugs and blessings,


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  1. Now Sarah, that was beautiful to read….I really enjoyed all of it!..And, you got that right too, love your enemies, seeing they must be miserable not love themselves..Awesome Job!!

  2. Well, I have proof now that you actually listen to me since you’re reading Joel’s book. You forgot in your paragraph about the traffic a few details… you were sending me funny text pics (of which I will hold for blackmail) and you were also helping me edit something… my multi-tasking friend. This is a very well said blog, one that I and others will take to heart. God may allow enemies into our lives for many reasons. Most we will never know. But he also will take that piece of coal and turn it into a diamond. Just as he has done with the friends he has put into our lives. You have given us food for thought this evening. Sparrow will be in your hands this week. The rest of us will be behind the curtain watching the show and waiting to fill in if needed 🙂

  3. Loved reading this. We are supposed to love our enemies and pray for them as well. It is something I have had to learn to do. It was and can still be very hard at times. Just when you think you have forgiven it creeps back in to your mind and you have to start all over again. But through it all I have learned that life can be very good. We just have to try to always be positive and not dwell on the negative things in our lives. Life is good and we must not allow others to destroy our lives, our joy or our dreams.

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