What it means to write about the Amish

For twenty-five (plus) years, I have been immersed in the Amish culture. I was brought up by Mennonite family, studied the Amish, and even rented apartments then later rooms in Amish homes. Writing about the Amish requires a lot of research, time and passion. My first book was Fields of Corn, published in 2009. Today, I have written 26+ novels/novellas about the Amish, all based on my experiences…not just on knowing about them or living near them (or claiming to have lived near them) but on being immersed in their culture and religion.

What I find so interesting about the Amish is that they are very selective in the types of people that they invite into their worlds. Several authors have that honor, most of whom I am proud to call friends and fellow writers with Helping Hands Press.

It’s a humbling experience to have an open invitation to Amish church services or to be invited to birthday parties and canning parties. There are days when I have to pinch myself and ask “Is this real?”

When I sit at fellowship, I bow my head in prayer and ask God, “Why me? Why am I invited into their lives?” Sometimes, I have tears in my eyes at the privilege that I have been given.

And it is a gift.

Even more than that, God has allowed me the honor of sharing these experiences with my readers, fans, and friends. I thank Him on a daily basis for this honor and pray to continue to do good, not to mimic other authors or steal ideas or copy things as a few less ethical ones do, but to provide me the creativity and compassion to see the Amish through pure eyes and write words worthy of reading.

Each book is a gift from me to you. When others are at parties or the pool, I am writing. I write until late at night, struggling over words and ideas. I brainstorm with my team of insiders, asking for ideas and suggestions. I couldn’t do this alone. Besides my dear friends who provide support and love, I have God guiding me. That’s all I need.

My gift to all of  my readers in 2013 is more Amish Christian Romances at prices that everyone can afford. I want you to all learn about these amazing people and learn to love them even more than you already do.