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What if Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy Dated in 2015

Think about it. What would a courtship be like for our favorite Austen couple? No waltzes, no awkward conversations, no beating around the bush. Just straight forward conversation.

Via a handheld device.

Elizabeth to Jane:

Elizabeth: Who is that pompous guy standing next to Bingley?

Jane: LOL. The one with the frown?

Elizabeth: Yeah

Jane: idk but u should ask him to dance. dancedance

Elizabeth: 🙂

Darcy to Bingley:

Bingley: yo D, I’m asking the blond to dance. Why don’t u go for the brunette?

Darcy: smh

Bingley: What? She’s cute.

Darcy: tbh not my type

Bingley: OMG

Darcy: #true

Darcy to Elizabeth:

Darcy: Why are u walking around the room?

Elizabeth: Caroline asked me.

Darcy: Why?

Elizabeth: idk exercise?

Darcy: HA!

Elizabeth: I’m going to get coffee. brb in a decade.

Darcy: WTH?

Elizabeth: ARGH! sec not decade

Darcy: lol

Elizabeth: darn autocorrect

OK, so maybe that’s just an abbreviated example but you get the picture.

How would they have overcome the hurdles of communication if they lived in the 21st century? Would we still love them so much if their courtship unfolded over the abbreviated language of text messaging, auto correct, and emoticons?

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