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Wednesday’s Wandering…: Review of Karen Kingsbury’s “Family of Jesus”

Family of Jesus 
by Karen Kingsbury
Preorder on Amazon
Release Date July 1, 2014

I was privileged enough to pre-read (and review) Karen Kingsbury’s upcoming novel, Family of Jesus. Having just finished it, I can honestly say that Karen Kingsbury is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors.

Family of Jesus by Karen KingsburyThe book is comprised of several stories told from the perspective of different people in Jesus’ life: Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, James, John the Baptist, etc. When I heard about this book, I was enthralled with the idea and eager to see how Ms. Kingsbury would pull it off (not from a skill perspective but from the story angle).

Two words for Ms. Kingsbury: Well done!

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Seeing Jesus through the eyes of his family members is not something I really considered before I read Family of Jesus. Reading the New Testament tends to make me focus strictly on Jesus and His message that is spread by His disciples. I never gave much thought to the impact He had, as a child, brother, cousin, son, on the people around him before His resurrection. Reading the stories from John the Baptist’s and Mary’s perspectives also shed new light on the day-to-day sacrifice that was made by all of His family as they proclaimed the Good Message.

I enjoyed this book in so many different ways. With all of the recent literary focus on Jesus from other authors, this one stands out as the cream of the crop. I also appreciated that Ms. Kingsbury sticks true to the New Testament (thank you for not adding rock monsters) while exploring her own creative storytelling skills in a way that is thought-provoking and delightful. Having been to Israel and visited the places where Jesus lived and preached, I especially enjoying revisiting them through Ms. Kingsbury’s tale.

Bravo to Karen Kingsbury for having masterfully craft what will most certainly be another best-selling Christian book.


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