Wednesday’s Wanderer: Sylvia McNeil

As an author, one of the many blessings that I have is meeting other writers. Recently, I was at the International Christian Retail Show for a book signing at the Charisma Media booth (or, in this amazing case bus!). One night, as I was working on my latest book while eating dinner, I noticed another woman dining alone. While most of you have met me on social media, I imagine you get the idea that I am not a bashful person. Frankly, I love meeting and talking to new people…almost as much as I love writing and animals!

Well, on this evening, I introduced myself to the woman and, over an hour later, we were still sitting there chatting. It turns out that she, too, is a writer. In fact, she is a poet. The following day, she stopped by the Charisma booth and gave me a copy of her recent book. I read it at the airport and on my flights that evening.

Poetry is a wonderful escape from the stress of our every day life. It also provides a window in to the soul of other people…a window that often reflects back on ourselves. So I invited her to be a guest blogger…or, in this case, a guest poet! Without further ado, I am honored to introduce you to my new friend, Sylvia McNeil.

An Awesome Gift

Although we cannot know about tomorrow,
We can stand against the sorrow.
Good things are always possible.

The gift of life
Gives such a beautiful picture.
We have only to look
Into the future
To know that all is well.

Although we cannot always tell
The depth of the matter
If we will listen closely,
We will be able to climb that special ladder.

My thoughts are with you
That you will hear the sound of life so loud
That nothing will be able to cloud
The awesome gift of all of your todays
And all of your tomorrows
With Your precious love.

I see such a bond between the two of you.
The love is so strong
That no wrong
Can ever penetrate the
Depth of this awesome love
That the two of you share.
By the way,
You two make a great looking pair!

Just remember, love is always there–
Seen or unseen.
You will forever be able to glean
Whatever the need–
For long ago, the
Two of you planted the seed
Of a beautiful love
That will always live
Throughout all eternity.

Gifted Hands

Your place is like a place
Full of lace.
The cloth is plain
But when you add the lace
It changes the face.

It brings a smile
That last longer than a while
Because it is a smile
From a heavenly place
This place — full of lace…


Meeting Sarah Price was one of the high lights of my trip to Atlanta for International Christian Retail Sales (ICRS), 2014. We struck up a conversation after a casual introduction in our hotel restaurant. We found a common ground of faith, and I was blessed by her accomplishments and enthusiasm for life. In exchanging information about the reasons we were attending ICRS, I told her about my adventure of being a recently published author of “Secret Words.”

Sara asked what inspired my book. My thoughts: For years I’ve shared insight from my heart with others; often, the words flowed out as poetry. I was told the poems brought healing, and was encouraged to publish them. I did, with the hope that they would continue to impart peace. I invite you to learn more about me and “Secret Words” at www.secretwordsofwisdom.com or contact me at wordsbysylvia@gmail.com.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wanderer: Sylvia McNeil

    1. Thanks so much for the interest in my book ” Secret Words”. The poems can be read aloud for all occasions. One of my readers actually reads it as a daily devotion book. Others have expressed that the poems have brought great peace during sad times. My favorite poem is on page 40 ” I Will Not Give Up.”

  1. I’ve known Sylvia McNeil for 30 years. She loves people and God. I’ve been encouraged, loved, and made to smile by her and her written words. I know of many others who feel the same way. I enjoyed Wednesday Wanderer.

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