Wednesday's Wanderer

Wednesday’s Wanderer: Sue Laitinen

This word has many different meanings to different people, doesn’t it? Some people love it…Silence is golden.

Some people dislike it…Silence is deafening.

But to me, silence has many facets. There are times where I treasure the quietness, the silence in my home. It gives me time to relax, time to think, time to look inward and focus on my “self” so to speak. And time to collect myself and my thoughts, decompress from all noise of the day. Even enjoy a good book or listen to the sounds of silence…the sounds you miss when things are too noisy around you. Including the sounds of your heart.

But then there are times that silence plays a toll on you, the times when it is deafening. The roar in your ears of what could have been, or what can be. The times when what if’s become too noisy to handle.

While we have so much noise around us…our television sets, our radios, our telephones…most Amish (but not all) do not have those things in their everyday lives. The silence is much more comfortable for them. But not always. There’s the scary silence that comes from a frightened heart that we all have to deal with.

That seems to be where my life is right now. Silence gives me too much time to think. The what ifs and what will bes circling around in my head and scaring my heart. These are the times I try to remember the things I’ve learned to cherish about the Amish culture. The focus on the now, the focus on family, and the focus on caring for each other. But most of all, regardless the culture, focusing on God. Because HE is what will bring me through the silence.

Sue Laitinen is a book worm at heart. When she is not between the pages of a good book she loves spending time with her grandchildren. Sue resides in the great state of Pennsylvania where she likes her sandwichs loaded with fries plus a little cole slaw and her shelves stocked with books.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wanderer: Sue Laitinen

  1. so many good books to read this summer I thought I would work on some quilts or throws for my granddaughters!!!!!!!! When my fibromyalgia is bad on days and days I will read my house is quite my sons are all married and gone but the grandchildren are here a lot.

  2. LOVE the quiet times, for the most part. Quiet, with pain, is a different subject!
    I have my own problems, but as a grandmother, I am so blessed by all of the goodness that daily surrounds me !
    I volunteer 1/2 day a week, and although tiring… it feels SO good to “give back and it is so rewarding!
    I LOVE to read….anything AMISH in particular, and try to find time to read at least 1 chapter each day, if not more! Blessings to you…..

  3. definitely would agree with you I also dwell sometimes of the what ifs and things I would change but you can’t go back so I pray for the guidance of God and it gets me through

  4. I read all the time and about the Amish is my favorite. I love their way of life and dedication.

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