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Wednesday’s Wanderer: Someone for Everyone

The Matchmaker A long time ago and in a far away galaxy, a young girl, isolated on her own, personal spacecraft, continuously orbits through space without any destination…

No, that’s not how I really want to start this blog. You see, I’m not a big space or galaxy fan. I will even confess that I did not like Star Wars or Star Trek (although Yoda was a neat character). I didn’t even care for The Jetsons. I never understood why George put up with his cranky, moody boss.

Yet, in a way, it’s true. After all, the young version of me WAS a galaxy away from who I am today. And I did feel isolated. While my friends were getting asked out on dates and spending summers at the beach, I spent my free time writing and summers were often spent traveling to foreign countries (with more writing).

One time, a boy “friend” told me that the reason no one asked me on dates was because I intimidated all of the boys. Since I wasn’t like the other girls who laughed at the right time (even when the jokes weren’t funny) or batted their eyelashes with a puppy dog look on their face, I was a bit isolated, floating through an empty galaxy.

How could I ever find someone who would like me for me and not who I thought they wanted me to be?

When I wrote The Matchmaker, the retelling of Jane Austen’s classic book Emma, I really connected with the main character. I understood her on many different levels because she, too, was isolated. She worried more about taking care of others and never felt compelled to consider love for herself. She, too, did not see a large selection of options that didn’t force her to conform to an ideal that was outside her comfort zone.

A square peg cannot be forced into a round hole.

But God has different plans for us.

I believe that God created Adam and Eve for a reason: people need people.

Maybe it’s a good friend. Maybe it’s a spouse. Or maybe it’s someone to just keep you company through dark days. God did not create mankind to be alone. In fact, He realized the importance of companionship after He created Adam. Sure, Adam had all the animals in the world (an ideal scenario in my little world). But God knew that what Adam really needed with another person: “Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone;” Genesis 2:18 (KJV).

There are times when you might feel alone, like that young girl, all alone, floating through a vast galaxy with no destination in mind. You might even ask yourself “Where is that person for me? Why do I feel so alone?” Sometimes the answer to our questions are right in front of us. And sometimes those answers are not what we anticipated because God does not always reveal the answers on our schedule but His.

He has plans for us. All we have to do is keep the faith.

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  1. I can relate to what you stated above. I never really understood God until I became a Christian. I remember realizing when I was sitting in a Roman’s Sunday school class, that Jews were stubborn and I was born and raised in the Jewish religion, I realized at that time, that I didn’t want to be like that anymore. Soon after, I accepted Christ into my life.

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