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Wednesday’s Wanderer: Reader Reviews of An Amish Spring

Get ready! The sun is shining, the skies are blue, and the farmers are harnessing their horses to plows. There’s work to be done on a farm! Men will be working outside in the fields while the women get ready for a deep spring cleaning. And shoes will be tossed aside as the earth warms to the sunshine brought by longer days.

Enjoy your spring. Even better, I hope you enjoy An Amish Spring!

An Amish Spring by Sarah PriceSarah Price has successfully written another delightful tale, one which encompasses our whole idea of spring, a season of rebirth. Drusilla Riehl, the main character is young Amish lady, ready to embark on new adventures as she matures and grows in her faith. As the eldest of large family, with the youngest yet to be born, she has grown to accept her position and adapted to enjoy her responsibilities and carry them out with grace. Hidden within though, is a hint of rebellion, or so called desire to be able to become more independent and start her own life. This is indeed a story of new life arising….Quiet Quilter’s Blog

Poetic in description, “An Amish Spring” is a breath of fresh air! Characters are strong and believable, and the life of an Amish family is well portrayed. The spiritual message in this novella is a testimony of faith, trust and forgiveness. I thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing story of the life of an Amish family and the joys and strength of family that it represents….Perspectives By Nancee

An Amish Spring is a truly delightful story with real characters. Price’s knowledge of the Amish life shines through and gives the story credibility. Her descriptions of the setting and characters bring the story to life in the mind of the reader.The four part series reminds me of the serials done in the Victorian Age by great authors like Charles Dickens. Best of all, the series celebrates the start of each new season! I am looking forward to watching Dru through each one….simpleharvestreads

A very entertaining read, and I hated it to end, but I know there are more books to come in this series. We also meet Drusilla’s sister Hannah who is ready to sprout her wings; she really gives her mom a hard time, but loved how she pulled back when her dad was near. Also wait until you meet what is probably a new love interest Caleb, and how she ends up owing him. So sweet! Don’t miss this great book, and the start of another amazing series by Sarah Price. You won’t be disappointed!...Maureen’s Musings

I just finished this latest Sarah Price novel today. I haven’t found one of her books yet that I can put down. I finished this one in one day. I can’t wait to see what happens in the “Summer” book coming in June!….Amazon review

Have you read An Amish Spring? Did you like it? If so, let me know!

An Amish Spring

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  1. Amish Spring was so wonderful! I finished it in a day and a half because I could not put it down. I loved the characters and while life is too precious to wish it away, I will be, anxiously awaiting the next three segments. Bravo Sarah Price you have once again written a winner!

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