Wednesday's Wanderer

Wednesday’s Wanderer: Meet Drusilla Riehl

The first part in my Amish Seasons series, An Amish Spring, is available for preorder and releases on March 21st, the first full day of spring. Today, Drusilla Riehl is visiting and sharing a little about herself. Hope you enjoy getting to know her!

You have a large family, how do you find quiet time?

One of my favorite chores is running errands for Maem. When I can drive the horse and buggy to town, there’s so much time to think about things. I like to listen to the soothing noise of the wheels rolling and horse’s hooves clomping on the road. Now that it’s springtime, I often see rabbits in the fields and birds flying overhead. It really makes me feel at peace with myself.

Of course, when my bruders and schwesters are in school, the house is much more quiet. Maybe too quiet. It’ll be nice when Maem’s new baby arrives. I sure do like the little ones! I remember when Elsie was born. Oh! To hold her in my arms and just watch her little face when she slept! That’s about as close to heaven on earth as a person can get, I reckon. The power of God is reflected in the face of an infant.

Are you an indoors or outdoors kind of girl?

I reckon I’m a both kind of girl! (laughs) It’s sure nice to be outside, especially when the weather changes and it turns nice. But my maem needs me inside to help and I don’t mind that one bit. I do like baking, especially breads and pies. Makes the house just smell right gut, ja?

But I must tell you that I heard there’s a barn raising in Monterey later this week. I’m sure looking forward to that. A Jonathan Lapp? Haven’t met him before, being that they live over eight miles away! As long as the weather is nice, it’s sure to be a great day…time indoors helping to prepare the dinner meal for the men and time outdoors watching the progress on the barn.

Balance. A blending of both. I don’t think God meant for people to be one or the other. He likes us to appreciate nature when we are outdoors but also to spend time with our family when we are indoors.

What do you do for fun?

Mayhaps the real question is what don’t I do for fun? (smiles) Everything is fun, ja? Work is fun, if you put your mind to it. Sometimes when we are sewing, Maem and me, we sing hymns or talk about things we read in The Budget newspaper. I like the updates in that paper. We have some family out in Sugarcreek, Ohio and every so often I see their name in the paper!

Even weeding the garden can be fun. I have races with Hannah and Elsie to see who can pluck the most weeds in thirty minutes! If you met Hannah, you’d know that she sure does take competition seriously. I bet she’ll be an interesting one to watch when she turns sixteen. I doubt she’ll be taking the kneeling vow as soon as I did.

There is one thing, however, that I’d love to have more time to do and that’s crafting. I sure do love my cousin, Miriam’s, weekly letters that she writes me on her hand-stamped stationary. She’s quite creative and very diligent in sending me Scripture each week, even though I see her and Naomi almost two-three times a week!

Favorite food?

Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and one chocolate chip cookie to dip in it.

Favorite color?

Blue. Like the sky on a beautiful late spring day. You know, the ones with no clouds. Just a deep, rich blue. It’s comforting to look at a blue sky. I could lay on the grass and stare at it for hours…if I had the time.

Oh! And green! I love green. Like the buds on trees, just before the leaves pop out? That’s a right pretty color, especially after the long winter we just had.

Wait! Purple’s pretty, too! Maem made me a new purple dress over the winter. I can’t wait to wear it to the next youth gathering. I wish more flowers were purple. Wouldn’t that be pretty? During the summer, we have purple iris that grow along the fence line back there near the road. See it? I love cutting them and bringing them inside. Sometimes Maem lets me put one in my room.

What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming months?

I suppose I’m looking forward to spending more time with my cousins. Winter was so drab and dreary. (makes a face) Now, everyone is getting ready to enjoy longer days and warmer weather. Oh! And the summer camping trip with the youth groups. That ought to be fun, too, ja? Bruder Daniel will be coming along, I’m sure. He’s sixteen now so he’ll be invited.

But for right now, I’m just looking forward to the barn raising. I feel awful grown up going without Maem. And poor Hannah wanted to go so much! She has school, though, and Maem said no. I feel bad for Hannah but she has to learn that all good things come to those who wait. She shouldn’t rush her childhood. She should enjoy it, just as I’m planning on enjoying myself over the next few months with my friends.


An Amish Spring by Sarah Price

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