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Wednesday’s Wanderer: Lisa Bull

the-perfect-giftThe year-1976.
The girl-Seven year old, blonde, green eyed only child.
All she wanted for Christmas was the Barbie Star Traveler RV Motorhome. It. Was. Perfect. Barbie would be able to travel with her friends in style. They could swivel in the driver and passenger seats. It provided a stylish kitchen, bunk beds for Barbie’s beauty rest, and it even had a shower.
Barbie needed that RV!

Every morning the little girl would crawl out of bed to peek at the Christmas tree to see if a larger box had made its way beside the tree overnight. And, each morning, she would sigh with disappointment that it hadn’t.

On Christmas Eve night, her mom tucked her into bed, kissed her forehead, and prayed. As she walked out, she heard, “Mommy, I’ll be so happy if I get that Barbie RV tomorrow.” Blowing her a kiss, she turned out the light and shut the door until only a crack of light streamed into the room.

The next morning, the little girl hopped out of bed and scurried to the living room. There, beside the tree was a long box which had been beautifully wrapped. It had to be the gift.
After reading The Christmas Story out of the Bible, it was finally time to open gifts. She felt her chest flutter as she ripped the paper back, to reveal the one thing she had longed for!

You know, we all long for something…for love, for acceptance, for joy, for harmony, for peace, for healing…

This Christmas your perfect gift is waiting for you. His name is JESUS. He is fully God, but came to us as a baby, fully human. He understands our deepest fears and desires. He has the answer to all of our problems, He is the Gift you have been longing for.

All you have to do is say, “Jesus, I want your gift of life, the TRUE meaning of a Merry Christmas.

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