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Wednesday’s Wanderer: Kate Zook

Kate’s Diary

Five Weeks Before An Amish Buggy Ride

clothes-lineToday I went to visit Susan and help her with cleaning the haus. She’s getting so big and seems more tired than anything else. I’m not certain which of us is more excited for the boppli. Two months to go! She always felt more like an older schwester to me, not an aendi !

Timothy joined us for dinner. He sure does take right gut care of Susan. While I miss her living at home with us, I sure am happy that she has such a wunderbarr husband.

I wish I could say that bruder David will make a wunderbarr husband. Mayhaps it’s only because he’s in his rumschpringe and running around with his friends, including some Englische boys, that he seems so wild. Maem and Daed often pray that he takes his baptism soon; I hear them talking at night.

Ruth sure doesn’t seem to mind David’s exploration of the Englische world. That surprises me some. She’s such a quiet one; I’ve barely heard her say five words at youth gatherings. She must still feel shy, being only sixteen.

That reminds me that this week’s youth singing is going to be held at Verna’s. I promised to help her and her maem ready the haus for worship service and bake some brownies for the evening youth gathering. Becca wanted to go with me. Maem had to explain that neither she nor Miriam can attend, not until they are sixteen. That would sure be awkward having my younger schwesters’ at a singing!


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