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Wednesday’s Wanderer: It’s Me, Sarah

I am “Wandering” over to my blog today with a post that I shared on Facebook.

I admit it: sometimes I’m impatient, mostly because I’m such a high-energy, excitable person. Yet, recently I’ve been working really hard at being a “seed on good ground” which, in today’s world, isn’t always easy. The more I slow down and listen to Him, the more I feel His hand guiding me in the right direction…I know I’m honest and I know I have a good heart…it’s the patience that I’m trying to tame.

The Amish are patient (at least the ones I interact with). And they live in such peace, through the good times and bad. Mayhaps they, too, listen to Him and know that He is guiding us…but only if WE let him.

Red Barn

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PPS….Both First Impressions AND An Amish Buggy Ride made it to the 2014 Favorite List of Diana Flowers, Reviewer for Overcoming With God! Check out her list HERE  🙂

3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wanderer: It’s Me, Sarah

  1. Thank you for wonderful, entertaining books that even my grandchildren can read! That’s saying so much in a day and age where you feel as if you have to hide most of the (romance) books you read. Keep it up, Sarah! You’re books are wonderful and your stories are so authentic. I love them!

  2. Sarah, mayhaps if you slow down just a tad, and give yourself a bit of “me and Thee time,”the patience will follow.You are like my mother…if the good Lord gave her another day, she was going to use every minute of it. My daddy said she never learned how to relax, and w/ 5 kids, I guess that was good.I believe it was true, also. She was constantly doing for others; even to the point of taking hot pound cake every Sunday to her sunday school class and to writing personal letter to each new member of a 3,000plus church, when she got home bound. The Lord broke the mold when he created both of you, I know.Love to you, Sarah

  3. Patience is not one of my virtues, unfortunately. Keep on working at it, and I’ll add that need to my prayer list. We can try to be patient for each other over the next year. Who knows, maybe we’ll both turn out to be whole new women!

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