Wednesday's Wanderer

Wednesday’s Wanderer: Is There Any Sense and Sensibility in the 21st Century?

 Sense and Sensibility Ah, spring is here and with it, a new deadline hovers before me: my retelling of Jane Austen’s book, Sense and Sensibility.

So far, this has been my favorite book to retell, mostly because there are such rich characters and complicated relationships!

When I study a novel, it takes a long time to dissect and examine each aspect of the story. There are so many layers to Jane Austen’s novels! Simply reading them as a “story” is not enough. True Janeites know this only too well. 😉

And that is where my passion begins.

Such tragedy for these Dashwood women! First their father dies and hands over their future into the hands of a weak and spineless older half-brother who leaves them in poverty. Next Elinor is abandoned by the love of her life. And Marianne is forced to watch her loved one deny his feelings for, discarded for a place in society and money.

The one common thread that really struck me is the fact that all of these women thought they knew the men who cared so little for their emotional well-being.

A father. A brother. A starry-eyed lover (in the purest sense of the word as opposed to the intimate sense). How upsetting for these Dashwood women! And, the decorum of high society certainly prevented them from speaking out about the injustice of their situations.

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