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Wednesday’s Wanderer: Blogger DJ Mynatt

I am a book blogger! I didn’t plan to be a blogger…I didn’t think anyone would want to read anything I had written… but with my daughter’s encouragement, I became a blogger!

I’ve read books pretty much all of my life – lots of books. I discovered in the 4th grade that I could read a book, and lose myself in it.

When I read a story set in Africa, I could hear the roar of the animals; when reading a story set in England, I could feel the rain on my skin, hear the traffic, see the Eiffel Tower; a day at the beach brought me the heat from the sun, the roar of the ocean, and the feel of the sand between my toes.

I had never stepped foot out of Tennessee, but I had a very good imagination – and the books I read took me to the places I was reading. I was in another world – until the story ended. I began reading everything I could get my hands on!

Eventually I began to choose books that were more uplifting, and leaving the rest behind. I enjoy primarily Amish and Christian fiction. Most of my reviews are along those lines, with a few other genres thrown in for good measure. But I have a pretty high standard that I follow.

Imagine my surprise in August 2013 when my daughter created a book blog for me… and a personal blog… and eventually an author blog this past spring.

“Come on, Mom. Do something with it. Don’t just read – write reviews about the books you love. Share your love of books with others!”

If you enjoy a good book full of wholesome values, take a look at my blog. Hopefully you will find a review that leads you to a heartwarming read – and an adventure.

Welcome to my world. I have no idea what’s coming next, but I invite you to come along for the ride.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wanderer: Blogger DJ Mynatt

  1. I have to say my fifth grade teacher attached me to reading nonstop when I could. She read one chapter of a book and left us “holding” until the next day. I took the author and listed all her books and marked them off as I read them. I am also a Christian and Amish reader.

    1. Hi Pat!
      We have a lot in common! I will never forget a play my classmates put on in the 4th grade… It was about a family that discovers that it’s easy to go anyplace – in your mind – just by reading a book!

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