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Wednesday’s Wanderer: Author Barbara Cameron Plus Giveaway

Crossroads by Barbara Cameron – out now

What do you know about the Amish?

My family often vacationed at my uncle’s farm in Indiana so I saw the Amish from a nearby community often when we were there. I was fascinated by these people who dressed so differently from us and drove buggies. Even though there were Amish in Ohio, where we lived, I never saw them there.

Fast forward a number of years and I began visiting a friend in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. My fascination with these peaceful, family-loving people continued and I found myself writing my first novel about them.

What I have found out is that just like with any other religion or culture or group of people, the Amish are NOT all alike. Some Amish communities are very separate from the Englisch—what they call us—and discourage contact with us while you will see both groups working and doing other things together in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania,  things are similar from one Amish community to the next, but we can’t generalize about all Amish based upon one community. A reader recently wrote that he had trouble believing that the Amish used cell phones. Well, not every community will allow their use for business or personal use but I write about the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, area where they are allowed. A few hours visiting that community would convince that dubious reader.

The language differs from one community to another as well. German is predominant in religious services everywhere but there are differences in the colloquial language called Pennsylvania Dutch: in Pennsylvania Dutch and what the Amish use in Ohio, Indiana, and other states. So in Lancaster County, it’s danki for thank you and denki in Ohio.

Clothing differs from community to community as well. Dresses are modest and conform to a basic shape of high-necked bodice called a cape – but that isn’t like what we know as a cape – and a comfortable full skirt. But sleeves and colors will vary. Visitors are often surprised to see the Amish wearing colors and not the severe black they expect. Prayer coverings called kapps will vary from the delicate looking organdy with a heart-shaped back in Pennsylvania to the stiff pleated ones worn in Indiana.

While many communities allow young people from their teens to their early twenties to experience rumschpringe—sometimes spelled as rumschpringe—a time to experience what life is like outside the Amish community, not all do. I love writing about people going through the challenges of change. Small, very rural Amish communities don’t always encourage this time but in Lancaster County the Amish and Englisch—what they call us—these two groups find their lives intermingling because tourism and business are increasing as land becomes more expensive. I wrote a three part series called Amish Roads about these Lancaster County Amish. The first book was A Road Unknown. Crossroads, Book Two, is out now. One True Path wraps up the series in February, 2015.

If you’re a reader of Amish fiction or a visitor to an Amish community, you probably know a lot of the above and can share things you have witnessed. Getting to know the Amish has been an amazing experience. I love how the Amish can teach us so much about putting family first and working hard and not being obsessed with material things.

I hope you’ll try one of my Amish novels if you haven’t already. I’ll be giving one autographed copy of A Road Unknown and Crossroads to readers of this blog. Make a comment below about what you know about the Amish.


Thanks so much for the post and giveaway! Be sure to enter everyone because this is a fabulous giveaway 🙂 One winner will be picked to win both books!

*Giveaway starts today Wednesday, November 19th and ends on Wednesday, November 26th.*

Cameron photoBarbara Cameron has sold more than three dozen books (fiction and non-fiction) as well as three movies to HBO/Cinemax. Awards include being a finalist for two Carol Awards (American Christian Fiction Writers Association), second and third place winner in the Romance Writers of America’s Faith, Hope, and Love chapter’s Inspirational Reader’s Choice award for two novellas (One Child in bestselling An Amish Christmas and When Winter Comes in An Amish Gathering), and first time winner of the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award. She has been on the CBA, CBD, and ECPA bestseller lists and is a former newspaper reporter and part-time college instructor.

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  1. I visited an Amish community in Indiana when I was a child, with my mom, aunt & grandma. I was amazed at how simple their life was & loved how they made everything themselves. I hope to visit some of the Amish communities here in Ky. soon. I ran upon some as I was transporting some of my foster children to a meeting not to long ago. Keep up the good work! Reading Amish fiction is my favorite hobby.

  2. When I lived in TN I had some Amish friends and loved spending time with them. Their friendship bread is the best ever!

  3. So love Amish Books. I often wish I could go visit Amish Country. Would love just a taste of the simple live and also their wonderful sounding food.

  4. I have visited Amish communities in Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. When we were in Ohio, they were having garage sales! So much fun! They are really sweet people. Had a chance to visit with some of them at their sales. Love your books! I think I have most of them so far. Thank you for your stories!

  5. When I lived in NJ I went to Lancaster PA all the time. I loved visiting and seeing the simple yet hard (working) way the Amish live. I always wanted to try living that way for at least a week. I love the way they all care , help and comfort each other.
    I love your books and always look forward to a new one.
    Thank you for the chance to win this 🙂

  6. I’m not sure if this is how I enter but ill try. I don’t know much but what I have read I hope to get to visit some place soon really would like to got PA

  7. My mother’s family was from Meadville, Pa. So every fall I would take my mother to her home and Amish were there and I was so fascinated by the amish and starting to read amish books. Even atein a amish home. Love there stores and resturants.Love Barbara’s books.

  8. I have visited Lancaster, Pennsylvania a number of times. I am fascinated by the Amish. I have quite an extensive collection of Amish fiction and I keep buying more. As an Englischer in Brooklyn, NY, I probably could never live as they do, but I definitely long for the simple life often.

  9. I love all the Amish stories I have read from many different authors. We live very close to an Amish community here in Oklahoma and where one of my favorite restaurants is located. Thank You in advance

  10. I only know what I read, but every book makes it clear that their faith comes first. I love the simple life that they live and the love they have for their fellow man.

  11. My 96 year old Mother In Law spends 90 % of her day reading Amish stories. She also likes to do word searches and crossword puzzles. I keep an updated list of what she has read from the library and what she owns. She grew up in Ohio and has visited Lancaster. She would love to be a winner of one of your books. Looking forward to reading your books.

  12. I love reading Amish books. I love their simple lives, living off the grid. They are very hard workers and so close to God. I have never been in Amish country, but I plan on it one of these days. Thank you for your books and for writing about the Amish.

  13. I live in Indiana and have been friends with an Amish family. I have been to their weddings, school programs, etc. We lived on a farm –our barn needed repaired and Mr. Miller and his sons repaired it. They took us on Buggie rides which we really enjoyed. We have taken them to horse auctions and to Shipshewana in northern Indiana where all their relatives live. Every trip I make to my library I always look for new Amish books—love reading them

  14. What I know about the Amish is limited to the fiction I read. Love the family orientedness of these people. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your books. Autographed, no less.

  15. I love the Amish and yes they sure do have a lot that we “englischers” can learn from them.

    I’m ready to go back to Lancaster and I would like to visit other areas in my state of PA.

  16. What I know about the Amish is, the more I know the more there is to learn! My Dad grew up speaking Pennsylvania Dutch as his first language. While my grandparents weren’t exactly Amish the church at the time was called Amish-Mennonite. Dad says he’s convinced that if there is an easy way to do something, the Amish make it hard just because they can. 🙂 He loves to interact with them mostly because they don’t expect an “Englischer” to understand and speak their language like a native. The Amish he comes in contact with in our area speak a dialect that is more Swiss than German so he has trouble understanding them. I enjoy reading the books because the “Deutsch” words bring back memories of my grandparents who spoke them often as I was growing up. Thank you for the giveaway!

  17. I love reading Amish books of all kinds. I recently had all my Amish books taken, and with this being my anniversary, it seemed like a sign to post. I live near an Amish community here in Missouri, and they are the nicest people. They have a hard life, but a sting faith in God that keeps them going. It is so refreshing to visit them.

  18. I have to say that Amish stories are by favorite. We have several Amish communities in our area here in Michigan and always stop and get our veggies and fruits at their stands in the summertime. Love seeing the little ones out in the yard playing with their straw hats and bonnets. They are very hard working people to live the way they do. Would love to win these books. Thank you for the contest.

  19. We lived in Northwest In and would visit communities in Indiana where the Amish lived. I was in awe of their beautiful farms and their quilts. Love reading books about their lives in a good story.

  20. Where I live there are a lot of Amish ,I have gotten a few nice pictures of them when they are going by hauling a lot of different things

  21. The Amish are an amazing resilient people whose faith in God are truly genuine. What some may call a simple lifestyle, is actually very rewarding & one that we should all model after & not be so focused on “stuff.”

  22. My idea of a wonderful weekend getaway, is to travel to Shipshewana, Indiana. I love all the little shops, and especially Yoder’s Department Store!! I love the Amish way of life, family is everything to them!! I love to sit in a Rocking Chair on the porch of the Blue Gate Restaurant, and just watch all the beautiful Horses and Buggies!!

  23. We visited Berlin Ohio this summer and are going back some day as our camp site was 2 hours away . WE will diffidently find a camp ground in town so we can really stay longer and enjoy it all. Loved the Amish restaurant there so good

    We do have a small Amish community near here in Arthur Ill,

    I love reading Amish book they take you away in a peaceful place.

  24. I would love to have an Amish pen pal and to learn more about their customs and ways of life. Writing letters is my forte and it would be neat to have an Amish pen pal. I would also like to be able to also visit an Amish state and tour different sites.
    Your giveaway for these books sounds liek fun.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  25. I know mainly what I have read in the books. Amish Fiction is my favorite genre. I live close to Berne Indiana and want to make a day trip over there sometime when it gets nice out again with my 3 BFF’S

  26. I lived in Western PA near a very small Amish community and not far from those to the North, then I moved to Ohio near Holmes County and spent a lot of time visiting the shops in Berlin, Millersburg and Sugar Creek, as well as others. The Amish came into town to do their grocery shopping and I had the opportunity to interact with many of the ladies.
    I love reading Amish stories both real and fiction, and would love to be a winner in this drawing. Thank you and God Bless.

  27. I really enjoy reading about the Amish. Here in Southern Illinois we have several communities of Amish. They seem to have a very simple way of life but are happy. Kids are cute as can be in their traditional clothes. The workmanship of the Amish is unsurpassed. They are very competitive in pricing for any of their quality work and products. Their products are American made. I don’t know that I could become part of their community for many reasons – their religious beliefs differ from mine, I’m spoiled with modern conveniences, and they are under scrutiny constantly. But it’s fun to think about…..

  28. I love reading about the Amish, they are wonderful bunch of people, I lived close to some when I lived in Logan co.They did some work for me. I would love to win an Amish book

  29. When I lived in Michigan there was an Amish community just down the road. They had a “school bus”. A covered buggy, pulled by a horse, seated 10-12 children and was painted yellow.

  30. We have some Amish here. My husband does business with a man in a neighboring county. The ones in my county are a part of the Farmer’s Market. I have been through PA many times and seen some there. We love to go to Holmes County, OH, and I get pastries to go.

  31. I love the Amish people. I wish everyone would stand up more for their beliefs. I have traveled lots to Holmes county Ohio. PA Amish and once to Indiana. I live in Beaver, Ohio and we have quite a lot of Amish families coming to buy property around here. Makes me feel safer. Love the Amish books.

  32. I have yet to read Barbara’s book’s. So this is a great way to do that. Thank You for the chance to win these book’s.

  33. I would love to visit Lancaster, PA one day. Here in northeast North Carolina we don’t have any Amish people living close by.

  34. I only know what I have read about. That they tend to stay among their people. They have a strong faith. They come together to help anyone out in a time of need. They have canning days. They have quilting bees and barn raising. They don’t have insurance. They have a community fund for emergencies. They only travel by car when it is to far by horse and buggy. They write circle letters. They have their own newspaper that goes out to the different Amish communities. They go to school through the 8th grade.
    Would so love to win!

  35. They lived about three miles from me in Northern Mich.I visted their bakeries and they did all of our rolls & bread for my wedding reception.Delicious.They would come to our canoe livery on a Sat.(We’d go pick them up in our bus about 75-80 at different farms.)They were a blast.Very friendly.Still friends with ones that are no longer Amish.And still friends with one that are.

  36. I would love to visit the Amish country. I visited Intercourse once, but that was many, many years ago. I wasn’t that interested in the Amish at the time. Now I am more interested in them and I try to read all the books I can find about the Amish, I would love to win these lovely books from Barbara Cameron. I sure hope I win!

  37. i love to read stories about the Amish. I love the families and their reliance upon each other. Reminds me of time I spent with my. Beloved grandparents. Cooking, canning, sewing, quilting, conversation and enjoyment of being together. Keep writing.

  38. I have not read any of your books at this time, but would love a chance to win and add your novels to my collection.
    I know the Amish have very strong faith, very hard working people who take pride in there work, have a simple way of life and family means everything to them.

  39. I love reading about the Amish as well as watching movies based on books (as long as they are done properly). I lived around tthe Amish country while I was aattending college at Lancaster Bible College. I met a Mennonite fellow from Greenwood, DE at the college and we began dating. Following graduation I became a live-in Nanny for the summer for a family in Dover, DE who were Englischers like myself, but lived across the street from an Amish community. The children and I were invited over to one neighbor’s house once or twice, which I thought was so nice.

  40. Have read many stories and novels about the Amish. I have enjoyed all of them. Learn a lot from their lifestyles. Grateful I can have electricity to run my washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, freezer, etc. while I relax and read. Would so love to win those two books, they are so inviting. Just in case, putting them on my list.

  41. I grew up in Ohio, O.O.A. M. I had Amish relatives and conservative family in Holmes County. I can remember when Berlin had dirt or sand roads and was Not commercialized. Sad to see the way it is now. Would love to win your books. Thank you.

  42. I love reading Amish fiction books. I have been to Amish country in Ohio. I know the Amish are very talented with the things they make. They take such care in everything they do. And the quality of their products show. Very religious group of people and they take care of each other. Thanks for contests!

  43. I love reading Amish fiction books about different Amish communities and learning the differences, and how the bishops in each communities vary in what they allow. We live in Medina county Ohio and always been told our Amish are the most strict. We know a number of our Amish and they are all very nice and we enjoy visiting with them. We were also in deep prayer for one of their families that we had gotten to know when the hospitals and courts got involved because one of their children had cancer. It was very sad and we felt they were being attacked for being Amish. They are great hard working people with very strong faith we are glad to live in “Amish country”. We’ve also been in the horse business for years, and because of the breed we raised have met Amish from number of states. We’ve even attended a couple of their horse events where we were among only a few Englischers and were welcomed by many.

  44. What I know about the amish, they make fantastic furniture, they are great bakers, there church is every other sunday in someone’s home, they drive horse and buggies some ride bikes some ride scooters.

  45. We have an Amish community near us in Kalona, IA. I go up there about once a month to buy bulk foods. We bought Goat milk from a family for a couple years. I love reading Amish stories.

  46. We have Amish in our area here in Ontario, Canada. I always love to see their buggies on the road. Love books about the Amish and I love your books Barbara, I would love to win!

  47. Live by the Amish .love the simple live style and have enjoyed a couple of meals in there homes very nice people to be around 🙂 thank you for the contest.

  48. I have read many Amish books, but have never met anyone Amish. We recently visited an Amish/Mennonite store in Fredericksburg, TX, but Mennonite men and teenage boys were running it while we were there. The furniture was strong and nice looking.

    When I read the different Amish books, I enjoy seeing the differences in the many communities that authors write about.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Brittany McEuen
    kbmceuen at yahoo dot com

  49. I love the simple life of the Amish, and how clean their farms are. I visited the Pa.and Ohio Amish communities, and we had a meal in a Amish home. Wonderful cooks. Also learned they did not want photos taken of their faces, because of the bible teaching about grave images.

  50. My husband passed away recently, so I have lots of time to read my favorite books, Amish Fiction. We live near many Amish families here in Wisconsin. They are the most peaceful group of people I have ever seen. Full of God’s Grace. I look forward to reading your books!

  51. I don’t know a whole lot about the Amish except they are a very tight-knit community that take care of each other & shun many modern conveniences. I really enjoy reading Amish fiction. Thanks for sharing with us Sarah & Barbara!

  52. I love to read and love learning about the Amish. I admire their strong faith. I got to visit an Amish community a couple of years ago in Ohio. Had a great time!!

  53. I first became familiar with the Amish when I visited my sister in Northern Indiana. I admire their strong faith and beliefs. I often wonder if we all wouldn’t be better off with a simpler lifestyle.

  54. I love Amish Fiction, my husband passed away recently, so I definitely need books to get me through the coming is already very cold and snowy where I am, though not as bad as others have it…thanks for entering me, I would love to have the books..

  55. So intrigued with Amish fiction. Love learning about their simple life styles and hard work ethic. Would love to win. It would be a dream come true to visit .

  56. Most of what I know about the Amish comes from writers like you who have researched, lived, and known the Amish lifestyle. I have not visited any of the areas where they live but my mother’s family was German Mennonite Brethren. They spoke German at home and at church. Her father was the pastor and he was a dairy farmer.
    I would love to win one of your books. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  57. I would LOVE to win a free book or two! I have purchased a lot of Amish Books, and that is about all I read anymore. I do NOT have either of these on your contest. My Father was born in 1911, and grew up in a conservative Menno home. His grandparents came West from Missouri, were Amish I think, & they all drove horses and buggies. I would love to go for a buggy ride! Thanks you

  58. I love reading about the Amish. It is so amazing to me how they live a simple life and reading about it makes it so appealing! Would enjoy visiting the many places that they live. I have been to Pinecraft in Fl and just loved it!

  59. Have visited and purchased goods from Amish nearby. Also talked to those in Ministry to local Old order Amish who are leaving the fellowship once they discover Freedom and assurance in Christ’s Salvation. It is always refreshing to read Amish books that aknowledge that same message!

    Would love to win.

  60. I went with our Church group to visit the Amish in Tennessee. We rode to different homes and purchased Sweet Potatoes, Cookies, candy and other items. I also ate at an Amish owned and run restaurant in Georgia. The food was fantastic. Also, there is a bakery/store on the way to relatives when I travel. I always stop. The food can’t be beat. I am not sure this is Amish. It looks like it , the way they dress. You can see them working in the kitchen. But, I bought CDs there of the Mennonite Church (A Cappella singing) The picture on the CD is of the group. Men wearing white , long sleeve shirts and black pants. The women are wearing black dresses with their hair pulled back into what looks to be a bun. This is in Alabama.

  61. I like to read Amish Novels from different Authors. I feel like I’m there in a dream. I like the simplicity they live and how family oriented they are and that they are very hard workers. and take care of their community and family and have God in there everyday life. Thank you for a chance to win!.

  62. I live not too far from Middlebury and Shipshewana, Indiana. I enjoy getting a glimpse into Amish lives through reading Amish books. 🙂

  63. I love reading about the Amish. Their way of life and their faith is so interesting. I live near an Amish community and visit as often as I can. Would love to read these books.

  64. I love reading about the Amish and never tire of it. Like you said, each community has differences in language, dress and beliefs. I admire them so very much because they strive to please God each and everyday in all that they do. Your books sound wunderbar gutt! (hope I spelled that right 😉

  65. I absolutely love to read Amish books! Such a peaceful and simpler life than what we have going on in today’s world. My step dad was Mennonite. My grandmother has a Pennsylvania Dutch in her and she could speak some of the language. I would Love an autographed copy of your book! Thank you for the giveaway!

  66. I have visited Lancaster, PA, and the surrounding area one time in 2009. I fell in love with the area and the Amish. So peaceful. All I know of the Amish is from a tour we took and from reading Amish books ever since that trip. Hope to go back soon, but for now I hope to win these books.

  67. I live many miles from the few Amish that reside in Montana. When my husband & I make an occasional trip near where they live we always stop at their roadside Country Store to browse & purchase a fresh made sandwich for our lunch. I always enjoy the simplicity & gentleness of the young people that we meet at that store.

  68. We often spend a day visiting Strasburg, PA in Lancaster County to see the trains, but my favorite part of each trip is visiting “The Lil Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm” in Ronks. I would never have expected the Amish people to raise miniature horses, but this family does, in addition to a carpentry shop and a quaint country store (with the best seasoned pretzels)!

  69. We stopped in Lancaster, PA one year for a couple of days. I enjoyed learning about the Amish. I bought several books about them. Then whenever I visited my Daughter & Son-in-law at Fort Campbell, KY there were Amish near there.

  70. I love anything Amish. I grew up visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Lancaster County mostly every summer. Not to long ago, I found out that there is an Amish community about an hour and a half away from my home. Wish they would move in my area. Love watching them work and ride their buggies.

  71. I live in rural Gladwin County in Michigan. We have a lot of Amish Families in our area. I have visited their homes. (Mind you I am honest when I say how clean their homes are) I enjoy reading the stories about them and learning more about their way of life.

  72. I live n rural Illinois n enjoy the Amish here.
    Reading about their lives brings me closer to God n my family… Slows me down and I appreciate more…

  73. I love reading Amish fiction…and I know a little bit about the Amish from first hand experience…the benches in their church are very hard…and the services are way too long

  74. I know the Amish do not have electricity, they use propane, the girls have dolls who have no face. They speak german, pennyslvania dutch. They grow all their vegetables. They ride in cars when going long distance but most of their travel is done by horse and buggy. Amish people are GOD loving people living life the simple way. Working the land by hand not by machine.

  75. Our singles group at my church have gone to Amish country in Ohio a few times to visit. I really enjoy the time we spend there. The Senior ladies at our church will be going to Der Dutchman to eat December. I really enjoy the Amish food. They usually serve good portions of food, and the food is delicious.
    I also read a lot of Amish fiction. I love to read books about the Amish. I would love to win one of your books. Thank you for your contest.

  76. I have amish friends in Lancaster County, some closer than others that I have enjoyed visiting and watching them work. Not often do they sit and visit but I sit in the kitchen and watch my friend make pies, etc. This has been a great blessing in my life to have these friendships.

  77. thank you for a great giveaway! These books will surely bless someone! I know it’s one of my favorite things to do while I’m snuggled under a blanket! Blessings!

  78. I have read a lot of fiction and nonfiction books about the Amish, visited Lancaster, PA several times, but never spoken directly to an Amish person, so, therefore, my knowledge comes from books only.

  79. I know that the Amish:
    are great cooks
    cook and bake from scratch
    love their families
    have weddings in October & November after their harvests
    usually have many children
    have a freedom time for teens before they join the church
    must join the church before getting married in the church
    have various shapes and sizes of head coverings for men and women
    married men grow beards
    usually no electricity in homes
    good quilt makers and have quilt parties
    have various occupations like farmers, saddle makers, horseshoe makers, buggy makers, jams, jellies, quilters etc.
    I would love to win your books!

  80. I would love to read another author of Amish fiction. I just recently, over the last few years, started to read Amish fiction books & have not yet experienced the wonder offered by too many authors yet & would love to read your work 🙂

  81. I love reading all the Amish books I can get a hold off. I have read so many and continue to read any book I can get my hand on. Your books are such a blessing and would really bless my day to receive one.

    Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

  82. I don’t personally know anything about the Amish other than what I’ve read in books.It seems to me they are very hard working people and remind me of what the earlier days of every American home was like. My mom was raised on a farm with 10 siblings and everyone put in their share of work and also fun. The family unit is so much closer knit than what today’s typical family is. I would love to win these books!

  83. I live in the northeast corner of Ohio and we have several Amish communities here. They are the most amazing people to do what they do without electricity and modern conveniences. I enjoy learning more about them and also their wonderful baked goods.

  84. I love the Amish they bring back what we have lost in our world today. Technology has taken us away from our families. The Amish show that families are important, hard work is important as well. May God Bless us all!

  85. I love to read Amish fiction. I read all the time and mostly Amish fiction. I live beside several Amish families and they are the best neighbors I have ever had!

  86. I lived in Pennsylvania for a time and lived very close to an Amish Community. I know that they have a strong faith and love for each other! I love when they hang out their laundry, usually on a Monday, it is like a picture postcard and so neat and orderly!!! I love how they do everything without the use of electricity, it is really amazing, that it can all be done, just with a little hard work and determination! Their baked goods are all from scratch and are wonderful! And their quilts are absolutely wonderful! And every stitch is done by hand!!! I love to read Amish books, they lift my spirits and just make me feel better! I would be so blessed to win! I cant wait to read these books! Thanks for the opportunity to win too!!! God Bless You and have a wonderful, blessed day!!!

  87. I have been to Berlin, Ohio and to Ronks, PA. Have only seen some Amish people while visiting there. But I loved reading all of the Amish fiction books that I have gotten.

  88. I have never visited with Amish. I love to read the books.Reading of the Amish has caused me to be closer to God and my family. Many of the writers post recipes at the end of their books, I love it. I have tried many of them. Reading Amish Books made we realize that we don’t have to live off the grid to enjoy a simple, happy life. God, family, others, and last, myself. Thank you for a chance to win one of your books. God Bless

  89. Every year for my birthday my husband takes me to one of the Amish communities for my birthday gift and I love it. I read all the books I can about the Amish and would love to win this book. Thanks for the opportinunity to win. Barb

  90. I lived in Southern Maryland for about 10 years where there was a community of Amish very close. It was always interesting to shop at the weekend farmers markets. My outgoing husband knew many Amish and even took a group fishing on his boat. He always had good things to say about them. Although I am not familiar With Barbara Cameron, she has been added to my to read list.

  91. I know that i would love being a friend to them. The books I have read are so good. I feel like I know them for real while reading the books. They are true and honest. Hard working people who love the Lord.

  92. The Amish are a God loving, hard working people who do not l use modern day equipment and appliances. They are a very peaceful group that hold church services at one of their members homes on every other Sunday. At the service the men sit on one side and the women sit on the other side. Family is very important to them. Thanks for a chance to win.

  93. amish people fascinate me, such hard working people who live such a simple life. It doesn’t take much to please and it is a life I would learn and reap great benefits. Material things do not matter, Love of God does.

  94. Love your books when I can find them. Got some from the Mennonite store but not at other stores. Would love to win!!!

  95. I have never had the opportunity to visit an Amish community. It is a dream of mine to visit a community. But through books I have started to enjoy them. Just because their world are so simple and children can be children and knows the value of being a family. They fascinate me, and sometimes I learn something and take it with me in life. I’ve never read one of your books, but I am looking forward to start and be swept away by it. Thank you for giving me the chance to win.

  96. I know the Amish speak German & Pennsylvania Dutch, wear different clothing & most love to cook. They all work hard & together helping each other when needed. We need more people that help each other the way the they do when the need arises.

  97. I know the Amish speak German & Pennsylvania Dutch, wear different clothing & most love to cook. They all work hard & together helping each other when needed. We need more people that help each other the way the they do when the need arises. To many people now have nothing to do with each other & will not help others when needed.

  98. I read a lot of Amish fiction books. The Amish Roads series is on my wish list. I like reading about the Amish because it helps me understand them better about their faith, family and work. They are people just like everyone else except they have their own beliefs and ways of life.

  99. Oh my, hate when these things saying you didn’t do the Captcha right deletes your comment. So this one will be short. My first knowledge of the Amish was a friend in church who lived with her grandmother next to an Amish community. Guess it was not big towns then. They let her play with the kids and attend their school. Then later on, I saw a Beverly Lewis a friend had and it was “The Shunning”. Then I was and still am addisted to the Amish books. I like the simple life they live and the way the community is close and helps each other when needed. Reminds me of my childhood times. Would love to win your books Barbara. Thanks for a chance. Maxie

  100. I lived in Lancaster County for nearly 12 years and was very close to the Amish people. We shared the same roads and stores as they and it was so wonderful to see how well they cared for their gardens and flowers.
    I was also raised by a strict German great aunt, who wasn’t Amish but her ways were very close to theirs. We did have the electricity, and the vehicles and modern ways but also there were many things the Amish practice that I was raised with as well.
    Would love to win this contest and be able to read and review the books for you. I do book reviews for authors who sends me print copies of their books.

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