Wednesday’s Wanderer: A Review From Lisa Bull and Giveaway!

How do I write a book review for a story written by my friend? That was my question.
Some pressure, huh? No.

No pressure at all because once I started reading An Amish Buggy Ride, all of my questions disappeared as I was transported to a farm in Pennsylvania. Once again Sarah Price caused me to forget about my life and lose myself in the lives of Kate Zook and Samuel Esh. She is a master at creating characters who are so real they become a part of me.

An Amish Buggy Ride
For me, relating to Kate is not difficult. She has committed what she considers un-forgivable sins and is tormented by un-forgiveness and an unrealistic self-view.
Her brother, David, feeds her feelings of worthlessness by constantly blaming her for and reminding her of a horrible accident which left him permanently injured. While his treatment of her is malicious, she allows him to continue because she feels she deserves his abuse.

Samuel Esh walks into her life and through gentle love and kindness begins treating her with respect and honor. He gives her value. He gives her time and teaches her to love and forgive herself while at the same time inches his way into her heart.

It is a beautiful story which, to me, is a parallel story to the way God treats us. We often feel unworthy of our own forgiveness, let alone God’s. God wants us to understand that He accepts us no matter what we’ve done—that He thinks we are beautiful and valuable.

An Amish Buggy Ride is a story of mistakes, choices, forgiveness, relationships and love.

As always it is pure delight to have the opportunity to read Sarah’s story as she weaves her character’s lives in with our lives…to get to know them, while learning something about myself at the same time.

Thank you so much Lisa for this awesome review! Hugs my LRWF!!

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Contest starts today Wednesday, October 29th and ends on Wednesday, November 5th .

72 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wanderer: A Review From Lisa Bull and Giveaway!

  1. Can’t wait to read another one of your books! Waiting on pins and needles always for the next one available to come out! Love love your books! Keep them coming.

  2. I read Amish stories for peace and knowledge. I feel closer to my ancestors and to God after reading an Amish story. Looking forward to reading this one and please enter me in the giveaway.

  3. I would love to win this book. I love getting lost in a good book and it sounds like I will be lost when I read it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I love reading your books!!! Thank you for a chance to win. I am heading to Lancaster PA in a few weeks and I plan on taking my first buggy ride 😉

  5. Great review Lisa! I love it when a book is so good that you get wrapped up into the story and stay there until the end! I would be thrilled to win a copy of this book!

    Judy B

  6. I truly enjoy reading Amish fiction. Their lives are so very different than an “Englishers.” Yet there are many aspects that are the same. Don’t we all make mistakes, choices, forgive, and love? I think so. It’s how we handle the outcomes and ask for God’s forgiveness. P.S.–Great review Lisa, thanks.

  7. I love love love your books! I’m disabled and I love to read but times have been such that I cannot afford books. But my mom is a blessing and she sends them to me! 🙂 I love reading about the amish! My belief is pretty close to them but modern. In case your wondering..I’m Apostolic UPCI! Thank you for writing! 🙂

  8. Sarah, I love your books! They are well written and would love to win this contest. I know whom ever wins will be very lucky. Thank you for the chance!!!!

  9. What a wonderful review! This story sounds like a great one where we can lose ourselves in and identify with the characters. I hope to win. Thank you for this chance! I am sharing on my FB page!

  10. Great comment about a good author who happens to be your friend. You made her book sound like one we will all enjoy. Thanks to both of you!

    1. You will enjoy it, I’m sure…and you will “feel” it…it’s meaning. 🙂 Be sure to leave a review so I know what you thought too!

  11. Thank you for that wonderful review, Lisa! I love Sarah’s books, and I really hope I can win! God bless! I shared on Facebook, too!

  12. I find I am most relaxed when I am reading lovely Amish stories! Thank you for the opportunity to win this book! God Bless!

  13. This review has be so excited to get your book. It would be my first! I just recently found out about you and after seeing this page and reading the review, I can’t wait to find your books at my library!!

  14. I would love to read “An Amish Buggy Ride”! Reading is how I am able to “visit” the Amish. I would be honored to win. Sounds like an awesome story. Thanks for having the contest.

  15. I would love to review your book. I have done reviews for Beverly Lewis and her husband, Marta Perry, Wanda Brumstetter and Shelley Sherpard Gray books and would love to do one for you.

  16. I love reading Amish fiction. I hope my library orders this one. Thank you for the opportunity to win.


  17. Thanks so much everyone for entering to win An Amish Buggy Ride! The winner is
    Cathy Cavalcante. Congratulations!! 🙂

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