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Waking up in Walnut Creek, Ohio

Waking up in Walnut Creek, Ohio, it is still dark outside and my clock says it’s five-something. I don’t have my glasses on, so I’m not certain of the “something” part.

Outside the window, I hear a horse and buggy approach the small house where we are staying. As it disappears further down the road, I am fully awake and feeling guilty that I’m still in bed.

Of course, it IS only five-something.

By the time I’ve gotten up, coffeed (yes, I made that a verb), and showered, it’s still dark outside, but I hear the laughter of children from the farm down the hill. I peek out the window and see the lights on in the dairy barn.

I know that I do not speak for everyone who will read this blog, but I know more than a few that will relate when I say: What did I do wrong with my children?

Even on the best of best days, I cannot imagine my children not only being up at this early hour but working and laughing! Even on Christmas morning, there are some grumpy moments and delays for festivities as they “wake up.”

Disclosure: I, too, must start with at least two cups of coffee and a fire in the fireplace on Christmas morning.

There is an increasing air of entitlement among many Americans, probably moreso in urban areas and I imagine not in rural places like Sugarcreek and Walnut Creek, Ohio. But, like everything else, I imagine it will eventually trickle out here.

And that’s a sad thought.

I would not like to learn that Amish and Mennonite children began playing Xbox into the wee hours of the morning or grumbled when they needed to get out of bed to help milk the cows. I can’t imagine listening to a child tell his mother or father “no” or “I don’t wanna….” to a request.

Which makes me think about our dear Alejandro and Amanda from my Plain Fame series. Here are two people that grew up in completely different cultures with entirely different privileges. Yet, as Amanda’s life merges with Alejandro, I wonder what life would be like in their future? If they have children, how would Amanda balance the sensibilities of her Amish upbringing with Alejandro’s world of extravagance?

It’s ironic that I’m thinking about this. Just the other day, Marc made a comment to me about how many American people tend to think that money solves problems. Those who don’t have enough, want more—and understandably so!—while those who have it simply are never satisfied and want more. His next words to me were “But, for me, I’m perfectly content.”

Like those children who are helping to milk the cows before the sun rises, their laughter carrying up the hill to the small house where I’m sitting, in a squeaky rocking chair, and listening to the sound. Contentment. That’s what it sounds like.

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” ~Hebrews 13.5

9 thoughts on “Waking up in Walnut Creek, Ohio

  1. All you have said, is so very, very true. It is amazing how unthankful we have become and how we, in turn, teach that to our children.

    Maybe Alejandro will realize all of this and become hungry for peace and contentment………

  2. I really, really love and enjoy reading what you write on your newsletter! They are always so interesting and give you good food for thought. A few years ago, I became disabled because of a medical error that has severe complications. So I went from making decent money to be able to buy what books I wanted to a small limited income that we work hard to make it each month. My Mom lives with me. She’s my caregiver, my best friend and a precious Mother. I was blessed to be able to read one of your books and one day I believe I will have the opportunity again. I pray the Lord keeps pouring His anointing on your writing for all of the readers. Thank you for answering the call to write, so we can read your great books.

  3. Would love to be in Amish Country experiencing what you are! I think that we all have a LOT to learn from other cultures! More stuff…More stress! Just finished the Plain Fame, and now reading Plain Change.
    Good question Sarah, seems like Amanda & Alejandro would have more problems because of their extreme differences, however, he wasn’t raised in a wealthy home, and seems to appreciate the “simple pleasures” away from the spotlight! I am enjoying your books…as Usual! Blessings to U

  4. Thank you for the Plain series with Amanda and Alex—a joy to read!! Don’t stop writing about their lives!. I grew up on a farm and I can easily identify with many of the things Amanda thinks are important to her way of life and the closeness with family.Joyce

  5. I am also a early person but I just have always wanted to do my job and then spend time reading. I never wished for more money just enough to pay the bills an keep food an a roof over our heads.
    I always also wanted to have a horse and yard to work in an keep up which I did, I also admit pride when the neighbors told me how pretty my yard was. Now I have to live in a apt. alone. My kids are gone doing what they want an are happy an that means the world to me their being happy.
    Well the best thing about were I live is I am able to sit and watch the people and read all the books I am able to get at the library and that is also a reward because the library is just a half a block from me. So going to fix some hot cocoa because I am not a coffee drinker. So back to the Plain Series that I am reading now.

  6. This was very good and the contentment is what all people should think for themselves. Money will not buy you health, love, happiness, you may think money will buy you all that. Just have to think of the small things in life, it’ll get you a lot farther in life. Peace, love, friendships, will bring you more contentment then anything else.

  7. You and I are on the same page, Sarah. Entitlement is an issue that is stretching my patience to the breaking point. I see it everywhere and I’m downright tired of it. Life at my age should be slowed down and relaxing. No such thing! It seems that the older I get the worse it gets. Too many expectations, demands and I’m frustrated. Sorry to vent, but your blog post hit me right where I am in life, and it’s ironic that you are feeling exactly what I’m feeling. How do we find our way out of this entitlement “thing” that surrounds us on all sides? Prayer, patience…… I’m trying them all, but being the human that I am, I feel that I’m failing miserably. Cheer up. Hopefully better days will soon come!

  8. I love waking up in Amish country, it’s such a peaceful feeling. I like to sit outside & watch everything in sight & enjoy the fresh air. This is why I want to move to Amish country. I like the fact that nothing is open on the Sabbath day good time for large family meal & spending the day with family! I find that now that I am older I go at a slower pace enjoy life more & cherish friendships! I spend special moments talking to god! My Mother had a saying money is the rut of all evil, I tend to agree with that!I am also hoping time will not change the Amish communities! Happy you enjoyed your trip to Ohio Amish country! I was there 8 days and it wasn’t enough for me!

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