Vacation Reflections

I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because I’ve been so busy writing. However, this past week, I’ve been on a lovely vacation that is (too rapidly) coming to closure.


However, I realized something down here in the Caribbean. We are very fortunate people. And, by “WE” I mean all of us. Despite the snow and rain and traffic and stress and problems, we have wonderful lives. Yes, it’s a great thought to say “I love it here…never going home.” But what would I give up? My family, my (too many) pets, my friends, my community? I’ll have to remember this the next time I’m stuck in traffic headed to Manhattan or taking a long journey to Lancaster behind a slow car–unless Sherri is driving, of course!

Oh yes, I realize that I appreciate the palm trees, white beaches, and blue ocean all the more because I don’t have it every day. Perhaps, if I lived here, I’d be lamenting the loss of snow (then again, probably not) or New York City or barking dogs or other things that normally irritate me on a daily basis!

I think that is a great reflection given the upcoming weekend. Isn’t that what God intended when He gave us His son? Isn’t that why Jesus died on the cross? Through Jesus, we can reach God. And through Jesus, we can all live better lives. Our lives are not always perfect. We have problems, insecurities, health issues, and other things that stop us from feeling at the top of our game. But, through God, we can always find salvation and hope. Isn’t that the most important thing?

I am going to spend the next few days thinking about the sacrifice Jesus willingly made for us…that God made for us. Perhaps then, I’ll complain a little less when things don’t always go my way.

Happy Easter everyone!