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Upcoming Book Club via Zoom

February is here and with it, I introduce one of my new initiatives for 2022: a monthly ZOOM BOOK CLUB!

Fields of Corn by Sarah Price, Amish Fiction AuthorI thought it would be appropriate to start with my very first book, Fields of Corn. I have a lot of history with this book, not just because a lot of the story is true (did you know that?), but because it is the book that started by published writing career.

So…with that in mind, I invite you to join my Book Club OR the Barn, Blog, & Book Club. You can join for one month or one year. There are, however, a limited number of slot because I can only have X number of attendees in the Zoom call.

By joining the Book Club, you will automatically be invited to all of the book clubs for the rest of the year. You can join for one month or 12-months. You can also join the Barn, Blog, and Book Club which gives you access to exclusive Blogs AND the Book Club AND the monthly mailings as well as livestreams and other exclusive content.

You will need to RSVP by joining one of the two clubs I just mentioned. Once you join, you will automatically receive an invitation to the Book Club with a link to the Zoom session on the day of the  event. By the way, your membership goes 100% to the CZ Mustang Rescue & Sanctuary–helping us to feed our mustangs on the sanctuary so you know that it is doing good for animals that were rescued from a life of abuse and starvation. A win-win. 🙂


I’m scheduling this first Sarah Price Zoom Book Club for March 1st. That gives everyone over three weeks to download the book on Kindle (it’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited) or order a paperback copy from Amazon, if you don’t already have it. We will meet on Zoom at 8:30 EST (which gives West Coast people time to get home and settle in, if need be).

About the Book Club

During the Book Club, we will talk about the story, how it developed, how I published it, how it was purchased by a publisher (Harlequin), and also some of the behind the scenes stories that you might not know about the book. In addition, we will have a Q&A session where you get to ask any questions regarding the story, characters, or about the Amish in general.

Other Books to Be Discussed:

Note: Dates are tentative and subject to change (especially August as I might have a vacation that week); however, I am trying to shoot for the first Tuesday of every month at 8:30 EST.

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