Twelve Days of Giving: Morristown Baptist Church

Day Eight of my Twelve Days of Giving


Organization: Morristown Baptist Church

This was another special request for socks for needy people (men) in Morristown. Isn’t there something special about putting on a new pair of white cotton socks? Well, I donated eight pairs of socks so that this church can distribute them as needed to people in Morristown. This church serves a very large Hispanic population in town and they do wonderful things to help new immigrants acclimate to life in America. The pastor and his wife are very special people and I’m honored to call them friends.

SING IT: On the eighth day of Christmas, I give this happily:
Eight pairs of socks to the needy,
Seven underwear for men,
Six underwear for women,
Five bucks for gospel booklets,
Four books for little readers,
Three horse riding lessons,
Two meals to hungry men,
And a goat to feed a Sudan family.

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