Twelve Days of Giving: Morris County Jail

Day Six and Seven of my Twelve Days of Giving…

Morris County Jail

Organization: Morris County Jail

I had a special request for this one. Through the Morristown Baptist Church, we donated underwear for the men and women at the Morris County Jail facility. At first, I thought “Gee, there are so many other people who need things and those people…well…they committed crimes.” But then I remembered that Jesus came here for the sinners, not the “perfect” people (which there aren’t anyway). We are all sinners and, therefore, I scolded myself for hesitating and happily purchased the white underwear for the men and women.

Now, who to donate this to? I decided that I will donate this in honor of my father (for the men) and mother (for the women). Through their good upbringing, I have led a great life. Without such an upbringing, I might have been a bigger (worse) sinner and be a recipient of a donated pair of underwear, right? Fortunately, I’m not.

A parent is the guiding light for every child. They teach us to walk, talk, and be a good person. My mother always says that I have a big heart. Well, I obviously learned from the best: my parents. 😀

SING IT: On the sixth and seventh day of Christmas, I give this happily:

Seven underwear for men,
Six underwear for women,
Five bucks for gospel booklets,
Four books for little readers,
Three horse riding lessons,
Two meals to hungry men,
And a goat to feed a Sudan family.

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