Twelve Days of Giving: Mission Wolf

Day Nine of my Twelve Days of Giving…

Mission Wolf

Organization: Mission: Wolf

You might be thinking “Say wha’?” Wolves?

Yes. Wolves. I love wolves. We used to have a wolf-dog who was my protector and guardian angel. He would sleep outside of my bedroom door every night. Every. Single. Night. Marc gave him to me when I was going through a bad “spell”. Mason never once looked back. He jumped in my car, came home, and that’s where he stayed for six years until he passed away.

But that’s not the reason that I chose this organization.

In April 2015, my son and I traveled to Colorado. While there, we drove through some very treacherous terrain to the Mission: Wolf, located in the mountains. The drive was scary but well worth the heart palpitations. This organization is run 100% by volunteers who sleep in teepees or little 10×10 sustainable houses, tending to the needs of wolves. Their motto is “If you can get here, we’ll feed you and give you a bed.” <—- ha ha

Anyway, it was an amazing experience for Alex (and me!). This one particular wolf, Abe, loved Alex and came up to him, sniffing his neck and letting Alex pet him. There was a connection between the two of them. Sometimes in life we have to realize that people are like wolves…they may run in a pack or they may choose to be lone wolves. Either way, they are still strong and beautiful.

I am giving this donation, Nine dollars for nine days (x 4 since it will be repeated on day 10 day 11, and day 12) in honor of my first true love, my son Alex.

SING IT: On the ninth day of Christmas, I give this happily:
Nine bucks for nine days to care for Abe the wolf,
Eight pairs of socks to the needy,
Seven underwear for men,
Six underwear for women,
Five bucks for gospel booklets,
Four books for little readers,
Three horse riding lessons,
Two meals to hungry men,
And a goat to feed a Sudan family.

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