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Tips to Help on Your Journey Toward Publication by Amy Clipston

People often ask me what the secret is to getting published. I don’t believe there is a secret to getting published, but I do have a list of things that will help writers on their journey to publication.

1. Join a Writers’ Group

I accidentally found the website for a local writers’ group while in search for a professional group to join as part of my day job as a technical writer. When I attended one of the monthly meetings, I met writers in all stages of their careers. It was then that I realized I wanted to become a published author. Through this group, I learned how to plot and polish my novels, how to find a literary agent, and how to write a query letter that would pique an agent’s interest.

I strongly suggest you find a group near you and socialize with other writers. You’ll have a great time and also learn a lot. If you’re not interested in attending local meetings, you always have the option of joining a virtual group. Join the group that best fits your interest and needs and get connected.

2. Attend a Conference

If you have the money and the time, attend a writers’ conference, where you can network and attend instructional sessions that cover many aspects of writing and the publishing business. Conferences are fun and informative.

3. Find a Critique Partner

During my journey to publication, I’ve made some wonderful friends, a few of whom have become my most trusted critique partners. Don’t write in a vacuum; share your books with trusted friends. Your buddies will not only find your typos, but they may give you story ideas you hadn’t considered that might make your plot even better.

4. Find Time to Read

I know what it means to be busy since I balance a day job, two active sons, and constant writing deadlines. I enjoy listening to audio books in my car during my commute to and from work. While reading is enjoyable, it’s also a way to improve your skills by seeing what techniques work (and sometimes don’t work) for other authors.

5. Keep Writing

It may sound silly, but writers need to write! Finish your novel and polish it as best you can before submitting it to an agent or editor. Your book represents your best work. Show a potential agent or editor that you’re a professional and also eager to write for them.

6. Don’t Give Up

No matter what, believe in yourself and believe in your dream of holding your book in your hand! If you’ve been rejected by an agent or editor, don’t give up. I received plenty of rejection letters and I wanted to give up many times. I’m thankful for my family and my friends who told me to stop whining and keep writing!

Amy Clipston has sold more than a million books and is the author of the bestselling Amish Heirloom series with HarperCollins Christian Publishing. She has a degree in communications from Virginia Wesleyan College and is a member of the Authors Guild, American Christian Fiction Writers, and Romance Writers of America. Amy works full-time for the City of Charlotte, NC, and lives in North Carolina with her husband, two sons, mother, and three spoiled rotten cats.  You can find Amy at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at @AmyClipston.

The Beloved Hope Chest, which is the fourth and final book in Amy Clipston’s Amish Heirloom series, will release May 9.

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