Time Flies…

I can’t believe that it has been almost a month since I last blogged.  Now, Thanksgiving is just days away.


I’d love to say that I’m looking forward to the holiday season…but that wouldn’t be true. I wish the holidays didn’t have so much pressure associated with them.

Fortunately, this year, there is NO pressure on me for Thanksgiving. My house is a total disaster with no hope of being fixed. We have a pending kitchen renovation that has spilled over to the main living area–30+ cabinets are sitting there waiting to be installed. Can’t fix that before Thursday–HA HA.

We are having a great Thanksgiving feast…OUTSIDE!!…with neighbors, friends, Marc, and the kids. And my parents are driving up from south Florida, too. Yes, I finally have my entire family to myself for Thanksgiving. Two years in a row…dare I suggest it’s a new tradition????? 🙂 I’m hoping to pull off a fun livestream of a Thanksgiving play so stay tuned to my Facebook page for information on that.

Ironically, I’m working on my Christmas book for next year and I’m currently writing about a Thanksgiving scene among several Amish families. While the Amish celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s more low-key than ours. Families will gather and enjoy a meal together. They will sing hymns and catch up with each other. Sometimes there will be a wedding on Thanksgiving to attend instead of a family gathering. But Thanksgiving is not as built up with commercialism or stress as the non-Amish tend to create.

Speaking of the holidays, don’t forget to order some of my previous years holiday books. Just in case you haven’t read them already, there are quite a few to curl up with next to a fire or candles so that you can get into the mood!

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