Throwback Thursday: First Impressions

First Impressions is the first book in my Amish Classics series. It is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Although it was challenging to re-tell such an amazing romance from an Amish setting, I enjoyed writing it very much. I believe that it appeals to many different readers: those who love reading about the Amish, those who love Jane Austen, and those who simply love a good, clean romance!

Here’s an excerpt from First Impressions: An Amish Tale of Pride and Prejudice:

Throwback Thursday: First impressions

The reddish-gold rays of the setting sun lit up the sky behind the roofline of the large white barn. The double doors to the hayloft were open and two robins sat on them, singing a song of good night to the rest of the farm. The black and white Holstein cows lazily meandered through the back pasture near the stream, a few pausing to dip their heads and drink from the refreshingly cool water in the fading heat of the late spring day. One of them, a fat one with a white chain around her neck, looked up, her soulful brown eyes scanning the barnyard before giving a deep, investigating “moo.”

A young woman, wearing a rich blue dress and no shoes upon her feet, walked down the lane. Her head was adorned with a white, heart-shaped prayer kapp. A few strands of brown hair had fallen free from the neat bun that was hidden beneath the organdy fabric and clung to the back of her tanned neck. Two white ribbons hung from the kapp, casually resting on her back as she walked. Two brown chickens ran in front of her, a rooster close behind.

When the rooster saw the woman, he stopped and puffed his feathers at her, his neck bulging out as if ready to attack. “Scoot!” she admonished, kicking her foot at the brightly colored rooster to shoo it away.

As she approached the end of the lane, she paused, glancing around for a moment to ensure that no one was on the road before she stepped off the driveway, shaking the cool dust from her bare feet before stepping onto the warm black asphalt of the road that led to town. It was the mailbox that beckoned her, a dented gray mailbox with a single nameplate resting atop: Blank.

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