The Truth About Me & Christmas Baking by Melissa Tagg

The following events may or may not have happened in my life:

…an entire kitchen filling with smoke due to burning peanut brittle which I stirred absently while my nose was buried in a Nancy Drew novel
…sparks in the microwave due to me heating a couple Pop-Tarts still in the aluminum wrapper!
…an entire pitcher of orange juice spilling over a full batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies
…the SAME COOKIES into which I accidentally put four tablespoons instead of four teaspoons of salt
…a legit fire with flames and everything due to me putting a metal travel mug into the microwave.

Um. Yes. That whole baking and cooking thing? We’ve got a bit of a bumpy relationship.

To be fair to myself, when I’m actually paying attention to what I’m doing and following a recipe, probably eight times out of ten I can actually pull off a casserole or soup or dessert. And I have even been told I make the best chocolate chip cookies ever…that is, when I’m not overdoing the salt or spilling juice on them.

But all this to say, Christmas baking is not really my forte. Which is why I looooove people who make Christmas treats for me. 🙂

However, there is at least one Christmas recipe I seem to be incapable of messing up! Mom my introduced me to this fudge recipe, and I’m serious, it is the easiest thing ever…possibly impossible to ruin. So I thought I’d share that today on Sarah’s blog just in case anyone else—like me—tends to be slightly kitchen-challenged.

The Easiest Fudge Recipe Ever!

1. Buy a container of frosting—chocolate or fudge flavored—and a jar of peanut butter. Creamy or crunchy, your choice.
2. Soften them both just a bit in the microwave. (But not in a metal dish because trust me, once you’ve started a microwave fire, no one will ever let you forget it!)
3. Stir them together by hand and then spread in a greased pan (whatever size you want, depending on how thick you like your fudge).
4. Stick it in the fridge…and ta-da! You’re done!

I promise, you just can’t mess this thing up!

Do you know what I can’t help thinking, though? For all the kitchen disasters I’ve caused in my life—the ruined recipes and microwave fires—my family and friends …they all seem to still accept me. And love me. And they even entrust me with meal items now and then. Just last month I contributed something to our family’s Thanksgiving meal and I’m sure at Christmas I’ll be asked to bring something.

And it reminds me of God. I mess up. So often. Like, kind of ridiculously often, really. I mean, I’m 34 years old. Shouldn’t I get it together one of these days?

But no matter how I often misstep, God still accepts me. Still loves me. And the kicker I really can’t get over: he continues to entrust me with a calling…to tell stories, to love people, to serve him.

The truth is, I—we—can never out-disaster God’s grace or his ability to use us, messes and all.

And that’s an amazing gift!

Your recipe sounds fabulous, Melissa! Ok, who needs a good Christmas book to snuggle up with? How about Melissa’s newest book, One Enchanted Christmas, which is now available to purchase?!

One Enchanted Christmas

Last December, mystery author Maren Grant had the most perfect night of her life. On a glimmering winter evening, she got to watch the photo shoot for her very first book and ended up on a magical date with the cover model himself—Colin Renwycke.

Fast forward one year. This December, with a looming deadline, restless spirit and her creative spark long since gone, Maren is desperate to get unstuck. And she can’t get Colin out of her head…or his year-old open invitation to spend a couple weeks writing at his family’s farm.

Drew Renwycke never planned to come home and take over the Renwycke family farm. But he’s spent too many years watching his siblings unravel, including his brother, Colin, after one terrible family mistake. If moving to Maple Valley, Iowa, renovating an old farmhouse and switching careers is what it takes to put the Renwycke family back together, he’ll do it.

But his simple plan upends when a scrappy author lands on his doorstep. And she just might be the key to coaxing his brother home. But what if he wants her all to himself? Drew will have to choose between his Christmas wish and the enchantment of a holiday romance that just might be the happy ending they all long for.



Bio: Melissa Tagg, author of Made to Last and Here to Stay, is a former reporter and total Iowa girl. In addition to her homeless ministry day job, she is also the marketing coordinator for My Book Therapy. When she’s not writing, she can be found hanging out with the coolest family ever, watching old movies, and daydreaming about her next book. Melissa blogs regularly and loves connecting with readers at






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3 thoughts on “The Truth About Me & Christmas Baking by Melissa Tagg

  1. Interesting fudge recipe & your work with our homeless population is wonderful. There is such need in that community. Thank you.
    Your novella One Enchanted Christmas sounds enchanting ! Blessings , grace and peace to you and your family
    Merry Christmas, Sandra

  2. This past summer my husband and I went to the Outer Banks and spent the week in a friend’s beach house. I put some microwave popcorn a in the microwave popcorn and set it for 4 minutes. I am not sure why I even put that much time to begin with, but what makes it worse is that, unbeknownst to me, it was a smaller bag that only required 1 1/2 minutes. Well, I forgot all about it untill there was smoke pouring out of the kitchen. What a mess! My friends were so understanding. The microwave was fine. I cleaned the whole place, walls, sofa cushions and all. I tried my best to air out the place. It still smelled like smoke when we left. 🙁 Memories, right?

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