The Simple Life

ImageThere is something very simplistic about the Amish. From the way they dress to the way they live, the Amish have captured a part of our very souls that treasures simplicity. Yet, very few of us are willing to follow in their footsteps.

Many of you know that, recently, I was introduced to an Amish woman and, for some unknown reason, invited to rent a room in her home. Life gives us many blessings. This was one of many that God saw fit to bestow upon me.

Not only is she an amazing woman, but she has rapidly become a wonderful friend. We’ve had so many adventures together, many that will creep into my upcoming novels (for sure and certain!). I wish I could share all of the stories right now but I’d prefer to save them for my books.

However, what I can tell you is that I have learned so much in the few months of living in the house with this Amish woman (only on weekends, mind you). For several years, I lived in an apartment over the mule barn at an Amish farm. That was quite an experience. I met the family, I courted the son, I befriended the daughters. I lived enough in those few short years that I often have to pinch myself to realize that is was not a dream. That was when I wrote Fields of Corn, many years ago and, obviously, when I was much younger.

Now that I have returned to my friends and family in Lancaster, PA, I have a totally different perspective on Amish life. This time, I’m living inside an Amish home. When I tell people this, many don’t believe me. They cannot believe that I’ve been invited into their lives, welcomed at family dinners and permitted to their church services. There were days that, from sunrise to sunset, I did nothing but meet new Amish people who invited me into their homes and lives, offering food and fellowship in exchange for nothing more than a few good stories and a lot of lovely laughs.

Yes, there is something lovely about the Amish lifestyle. Its simplicity draws us in and makes us long for the days of the past, a past that enjoyed the moment and appreciated so much more of our world. I’m so blessed that I’m permitted to enjoy this simple life. Just one more of God’s many blessings on my life.

4 thoughts on “The Simple Life

  1. I loved this article.It must be great to be friends with an amish woman.It sounds like you had a great time.I would be thrilled and honored to be able to visit with an amish family for awhile.Thanks…

  2. I wonder if they understand why we’re so drawn to their lifestyle? While it must be annoying to have people stare at them and snap pictures, they must wonder what the attraction is. For me, it’s admiration; for others it might be desire to live like that; for others it might just be that they’re different. I think their lifestyle and values help to anchor us into simplicity and what life is really all about.

  3. Their way of live is so good. It keeps them close to the Lord. I would love to meet and be invited to spend time in an Amish home and be accepted by them. There is so much to learn from them. I admire and have so much respect for them. I am so glad that you will be putting things in your new books about your time and things learned while staying with your Amish friends. You have a very special friendship going on here. One to be admired by all of us.

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