The Plain Fame Trilogy

I find it inspiring to know that so many people have fallen in love with Amanda and Alejandro from the Plain Fame Trilogy. I receive at least ten emails or messages every day asking about Plain Again. It’s so much fun to know that everyone is anxiously awaiting it! Anyway, I thought that I would briefly talk about this long-awaited final book in the trilogy to keep you updated!

My intention is to publish it by the end of June. However, I won’t publish it if I feel it isn’t perfect. What will happen to this unlikely couple? I know the storyline and have finished most of it. Yet, there are pieces missing that I need to develop in order to complete it. As many of you may know from following me on Facebook, over the next two weeks, I will be on the road, experiencing the behind-the-scenes aspects of an international rock star. Erin Brady (author of And The Winner Is… and The Shopping Swap, two hilarious books that you can purchase on at is traveling with me as she is writing a book about a young professional woman who is determined to meet her celebrity crush (wonder who she is basing THAT character on???). Sparrow is also coming along as she has to deal with me at home and wants to see what all the fuss is about.  😀

It should be an exciting two weeks and we are looking forward to getting first-hand experience that will only make Plain Again even better.

Other books that I will be writing and publishing in the upcoming year:

  • Amish Pride and Prejudice
  • Amish Emma
  • Amish Sense and Sensibility
  • Amish Persuasion

These four books will be part of my Amish Christian Classic Series. The stories will be based upon Jane Austen’s classics but retold from the perspective of the Amish. I’m really looking forward to writing these books and I know that you will enjoy reading them.

Enjoy the weekend!