The Impact of Amish Fiction

A few days ago, one of my FB friends posted a comment on the Whoopie Pie Book Club group (a lively group of Amish-loving enthusiasts..and I invite all of you to join it–click that link if you’d like to!). Someone had posted a request for suggestions of books to read. The out-pouring of suggestions was amazing…and all different. Whoever posted the question certainly has a summer full of reading ahead of them.

Helen responded with an observation (and I might have the exact wording wrong): Look how reading Amish fiction has impacted our lives.

That simple sentence really floored me. Look how reading Amish fiction has impacted our lives. It was a simple statement…but deep. It took me a minute to clear my mind of the dozens of thoughts that flooded through it. Indeed, how has Amish fiction impacted my life? Let me count the ways…

To begin with, reading Amish fiction led me to start writing Amish fiction. And writing Amish fiction has presented  me with amazing opportunities to meet, mingle, and live among the Amish. In doing so, I have found a tight connection with my own Anabaptists roots as well as newfound faith that I suspect will help me through the years ahead.

Perhaps the better question is how HASN’T Amish fiction impacted my life?

Without Amish fiction, would have I such a strong relationship with my Amish friends? Would I have such a strong faith? I often wonder about that. When I’m on the farms or staying at the house I share with an Amish woman, I feel such a connection with my past and with God. There is a peacefulness that I gain when I’m canning meat or making meadow tea. There is a large taste of humility when I attend church services or fellowship dinners.

It is a good life out there among the Amish. I’ve been blessed with having small dosages of exposure, more than most people will ever get. It’s a shame because I think more dosages of the Amish might do the world a lot of good. I find that I become a better person when I’m among them and I do take some of that back home with me (although not as much as I’d like).

So, how has Amish fiction impacted my life? In hindsight, I’d say that it has helped to define who I am and who I want to be. Without the Amish and without Amish fiction, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. To every author that is out there, thank you for your continued commitment to impact the lives of our readers. We are making a difference and, for some of you, you already have made a difference in my own life. I hope I’ve made a difference in some of yours.


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  1. You are so right about the impact Amish have on us “English”. Having moved into our local Amish valley, there is such a peacefulness I didn’t experience in my childhood town just 12 miles away. Just seeing the Amish work and help each other is a lesson in kindness and thoughtfulness. And they seem so happy, even working on a hot day. They show respect for the environment around us and give such a good example of how to treat each other and live a good peaceful life. It rubs off on me! You are doing a good job of sharing their lifestyle which sets a good example of how we all should be.

  2. My exposure to “Amish Fiction” came secondary…to Long story, from family roots …lost. To Starting homeschooling in 1996, using Christian Light Publication and Rod & Staff, and joining a Conservative Mennonite Church. Making friends in Church with old order Mennonite and Beach Amish.
    Then I moved more toward the Mennonite Church USA/General Conference. (Liberal). But I miss the fellowship, community spirit, and so I pick up books, that take me back to what I was. Brings back memories.
    Not sure its changed me, what did was my time with them 10-15 years. From Theology to Simple living. Wood heat, no fussy stuff (like no tv), Fire not furnance, Making our own Crackers, cheese, wine 🙂 I grew up canning, but the self suffency, and inter-community bound. That is what impacted me most. I am not an island, i am part of a whole. One body and many members, fit together. Christ as the head.
    That is what has made the strongest impact. The books remind me.

  3. Since I have only recently began reading Amish fictionI find my self more appreciative of God’s Blessings. The Sun, the rain, the flowers 7 plants growing in the grden. I find I Pray more and am more greatful for the little things in life. That could also be from just having finished cancer treatments. I am glad that I found Sarah Prices Amish books. i look forward to reading the works of other Amish authors as well. Any suggestions?

  4. Thank you for this article Sarah! I can’t even begin to explain the impact that Amish Fiction has had on my life. It’s a huge part of who I am today. As scary as that sounds 😉 Years ago, while traveling to Ohio Amish Country with 5 other women, I was first introduced to Amish Fiction. From there… wow. I now still read Amish Fiction, but I also have The Whoopie Pie Book Club, Whoopie Pie Place Blog, and I am able to review Amish Fiction books for publishers. Add that to my already wonderful life… sweet. Another aspect of reading Amish Fiction is that it led me on a path of simplifying my own personal life. But, I do have to say, first & foremost, the most that I have gained from it is my wonderful new friends, like Sarah. For that I will be forever thankful <3

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