The Great Christmas Giveaway Announcement!

It’s time for the Great Christmas Giveaway announcement…Books AND a GRAND PRIZE…A KINDLE FIRE!!!!

Share a Christmas story: what Christmas means to you, a Christmas memory, something wonderful that you did for someone else, etc. Be creative. Entries could be a poem, video, photo, drawing, or anything else that tells your story. Each week, up to ten entries will be posted on Facebook and Pinterest for viewers to vote for their favorite who will win three print books. The books are: First Impressions by Sarah Price, Rumspringa’s Hope (Spirit of the Amish) by Beth Shriver and a copy of the MEV Bible, the most modern translation ever produced in the King James tradition.

After December 16th, all previous winners will be posted for viewers to vote on who should win a brand new Kindle Fire!!

Mail your entries to Sarah Price 440 South Street, Morristown, NJ 07960 or email them to You may enter multiple times, but only one winner per household. Winners must have a valid address in the United States. Submitted items cannot be returned.

The Great Christmas Giveaway

12 thoughts on “The Great Christmas Giveaway Announcement!

  1. What a great idea – have the fans participate creatively. Much better than our random thank you’s. I’ll see if I can overcome reticence. Jon

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I would be so blessed to win and it would really help me a lot right now to win the Kindle Fire!!! I love to read, especially Amish books!!! They make my spirit lighter and make me feel better when I am sick or feeling down!!! I have been very ill lately and could really use to win right now! I love to read and I read when I am at the hospital frequently for treatments!!! But I wish Good Luck to everyone and God Bless You all!!! If anyone knows of someone who might be willing to let me have a Kindle or Nook, I would be ever so grateful!!!

  3. First off, I ordered and got your book a few days ago. I’m ready to start it tonight! 🙂
    Secondly, my favorite Christmas happened when I was about 8 years old. We always had our Christmas tree in the den (down 3 steps from the living room). I got the same as my brothers in my stocking, but my presents were few compared to theirs. I was so disappointed. Then, my dad left and went up to the living room. He called me up (I was a daddy’s girl anyway) to the living room, and there sat a shiny red bike. I was very happy and my disappointment disappeared in an instant! 🙂

  4. I would love to win!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! I would be so blessed to win! God Bless and Good Luck to Everyone!!!

  5. I have several memories of Christmases. I love decorating the church the singing carols. BUT the Christmas that stands out the most in my mind is the following: My parents, grandpa, Aunt, Uncle and a few cousins used to go to my grandpa’s house. My grandma died when I was 4, They decided it would be a gag gift Christmas. I was young not sure exactly how old. Ok so Christmas eve was here. Under the tree was a huge box. From one of my cousins to me. Inside was another box, inside that another one, you get the picture. Finally I got a small box and inside was….. a ring pop. It was not funny then now however it is a precious memory. What I didn’t understand was money was very tight for everyone, I do now. Christmas is a time to reflect on your blessings, not about your biggest gift.

  6. One of my favorites didn’t happen on Christmas eve or Christmas Day. But my husband and I drove our Church van and carried several children to go see Christmas lights in our area, then we carried them all out to eat. Some of these children had never went driving around like this. Last year our Church Family went to a Nursing home to visit and sing carols. I was blessed beyond measure. The young and the Old both enjoyed these events. Sometimes just giving our time is more of a gift than anything money could ever buy. Thank you for allowing us to share these events. God Bless. Linda Faulkner

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