The Dark Side of Writing

I sit in Israel. It’s a lovely country, filled with faith and love and spirituality. However, I find my own faith being challenged right now.

I have never hidden the fact that “Sarah Price” is my family name. The name Price dates back to my original ancestors that came over from the Palatine in the very early 1700s. It was originally printed Preiss (and Priess). This information is printed on all of my books, in my ABOUT ME, on my biographies, and in my press material. The name Sarah is a homage to my Mennonite grandmother, one of the driving forces in my life. Given that this is public knowledge, someone decided to declare my Sarah Price account on Facebook as inauthentic and have me shut down.

To that person and her pack of wolves, I’d like to say “Thank you.” What you have done is most unChristian but it also speaks volume about who YOU are. But I don’t want to focus on YOU. Unlike the Facebook pages and groups for these individuals which focus on themselves, their book sales, their rankings…none of which has to do with Amish, Christianity, or their fans, I want to focus on something else.


It takes a mighty person with a very weak sword to bully. But one thing that I have learned is that bullying occurs because someone is threatened. How could an author of Amish Romances be a threat? That is the big question. Someone answered it for me, quite eloquently and I wanted to share this.

Being upset over this cowardly act, I asked the question, “Why me? I didn’t provoke this individual!”

The answer?

“You DID provoke her. You provoked her because you write good books. You provoked her because your book sales were climbing up the ranks. You provoked her because people were paying more attention to you than to her. If she was half as confident in her own books, she wouldn’t be worried about you. And her 99 cent books show how little she thinks about her own writing.”

I won’t apologize for that provocation. It was unintentional and part of the book publishing game. But I can now frame this event quite clearly. It is, in fact, a form of flattery. I thank my support system, both family and FB friends, for their support.

The good news is that, even if I never get my Facebook account back, I will continue to write. Even better news, I have lawyers…tough Manhattan lawyers…volunteering their services to stop this person from destroying anyone else’s career. It has come to my attention that I am NOT the first individual (author) that this person has attacked…and most likely not the last. I’m not a lawyer type of person but too many people have spoken to me about this.

I never thought I’d encounter such bullying in my life. Lies over “stealing titles” (since when is the phrase Amish Romance, Christian Romance, or Amish Christian Romance a title? It’s a genre…google the term…there must be hundreds of book listings with these words!). But this is merely a false cry. Clearly it is because of feeling threatened and insecure that this person has started a conquest against anyone that might be deemed as a good, if not better, writer. Jealousy because fans CAN (and DO) split their love for Amish books across many different writers.

Not having access to Facebook (except through Twitter and blogging) will not have any impact on the sales of my books. It will have an impact on my connection to my fans. I’ll miss that. But I know this is temporary. And the outpouring of support and love from them via emails is tremendous.

So, to the bully who can rest on her false beliefs that she is a good Christian and thinks that she has succeeded in defeating me, rest assured. I won’t stoop to your level but I will continue to write and be a threat with my books about Amish people, the people that I know and love, the people that I post about, the people that are at the center of my focus.  You see, I’m in this because I am a writer and I like to tell a good story.

It goes without saying that we all are getting a very clear picture of why YOU are in this game.  It’s not flattering…


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  1. So sorry to hear that this is happening to you. Some people can be so cruel & jealous. My grandmother’s name was Sarah Price, too & every time I see your name it reminds me of her & I have to smile. Keep on writing!

  2. I am so sorry, Sarah!!!!!!! I love you and your books and we certainly can’t let the devil win yet another round of this stuff!!!!!!! Our God is bigger!!!!!! What is happening in this crazy evil world? End times, my friend, end times!!!!!!
    I will be praying for God’s intervention in this situation and hope to see you on FB bigger and stronger and better!!!!!!!!
    Keep on writing!!!!! And buy that farm in Lancaster and all of us will come and visit you!!!!!!!!!
    God bless!!!!!

  3. Oh Sarah, I am so sorry to hear that you have been going through all of this. It is a very rough time for you. But know that we all love and are praying that you come through this and are back on Facebook in no time at all. Never ever give up your writing, you are a wonderful Author and I love all your books and will continue to buy them as will all your other fans and friends. I hope and pray that someone can and will put a stop to the person who is causing all these problems. She must have very low self esteem or the devil inside her. Hang in there Sarah and if we can only communicate with you on here that is what we’ll do until you are back on Facebook. Prayers and thoughts are with you. I really hate bulling!!!!!!!

  4. It’s a shame that adults have to act like children. I have only read one of your books and I loved it, I am looking forward to reading other books by you. I don’t know who this person is who is trying to hurt you but she isn’t going to influence me on which authors I choose.

    Please continue to write your great books. The readers are the one’s who matter and they love you.

  5. Bullying is a symptom of much deeper issues, may that person find healing through Jesus Christ. I enjoyed the first book I have read by you, my prayer for you is that you will find it In your heart to forgive (as we have been forgiven) and that you will continue to write these lovely stories!

  6. I agree that it is a shame that adults don’t always act like adults. But those of us who are Christians should always act like a Christian. Keep doing what the Lord has for you to do and you will be blessed in the long run. He sees the Big Picture and “knows the plans He has for you”. God Bless. Will be praying for you in this dark time.

  7. Do you know who this person was that did this mean thing to you, we should know also because your books mean a lot to all of us.

  8. Praying for you Sarah, I know who she is and refuse to purchase any of her books until she issues a public apology. I believe that since she’s engaged publicly in character assassination, she should apologize in public too. It’s a very small person who behaves as she has done.

  9. Hi, Sarah! Thanks to Dena, who I believe commented before me, I am now aware of you as an author. I don’t believe I have ever heard of your books, but then I haven’t read Amish fiction in several years, and haven’t been keeping up with book publications in general. I have only read one author’s Amish fiction, but that was prob 7 years or more ago! I was aware of a couple of other authors who began writing Amish fiction after that, but haven’t read their books simply for lack of time. I will be sure to find one of your books and read it now that I know of you. 🙂

  10. Sorry to hear this is happening to you. There are a lot of people out there claiming to be writers, but failing to act anything remotely like professionals. In the end I’m hopeful that these people will be weeded out of the equation because ultimately they’ll either be caught or they’ll fall far behind because while they’re worrying about ways to be petty, others will continue refining their art.

  11. sarah, i am sorry someone is doing this to you. i enjoy your books very much. i think you were wise not to divulge the name, stooping to her level. as a human i am curious but can live without knowing.

  12. I am so sad for you and us . I feel like we who love you and your writings have become family . I can’t explain the hurt I’m feeling other then some one sucker punched one of my kids . Your about their age . All I can do is PRAY , forgive & try to forget . Your above that person for not giving the name . I’ll be praying for you and hoping your back on FB soon . Is there any thing we can do to get FB to put you back on with all your followers & comments intact as before this all happened .
    God Bless

  13. Sarah….just know who your real fans are! The readers who buy your books and support you. The truth always prevails! Blessings!

  14. Sarah, just enjoy your vacation and if it’s God’s will we will be seeing you on Facebook. I so enjoy the pictures, the stories, and your books. God bless to a very special woman.

  15. Sarah,I am so sorry that all of this is happening to you.It is sad that some people doesn’t have anything better to do but cause trouble.Bullying is just so terrible.I hope you are having a great time on your vacation.Keep up writing those great books.Praying for you…

  16. Sarah I have only very recently found your books and have read your Lancaster series…they are the only Amish books I have read. I cannot understand how another author can treat you in the way that is being discussed. Keep writing your books. A bully will eventually reap what they have sown.

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