The Beauty of God

A monkey is stretched out on a tree, his tail curled around the branch and his arms and legs dangling. His little face is resting in the Y of the tree. One leg swings like a naughty child in a chair that is too big for him. And the branch sways back and forth, much like a mother rocking her baby.

Baby Monkey

Can anyone deny the beauty and magnificence of God’s creations?

I’m sitting on the deck of the treehouse, still nursing my wounds from today’s jungle attack (Video Link). There is a cool breeze and the green trees are swaying.

And I’m watching that monkey.

I could totally live here. I’d sit outside for hours watching those monkeys. I’d write in the morning, walk to town in the afternoon, and paint in the evening. Maybe a weekday trip to the big city and Sundays at the Methodist church. Just give me some Internet and I’d be fine.

The connection. I’d still have to have my connection to the outside world. Without it, I’d be lost.

We all need people in our lives, a connection with others. That monkey in the tree is not alone. If I shift my eyes just a little and hunt through the thick canopy of trees, I spot another one…curled up and napping. Keep looking and I’ll see four more.

Like people, the monkeys have families. Sometimes they throw someone out. Dawson (our friend from the jungle) told us he saw one get kicked out once. They just threw her out of the tree. But they had to do it. Too much inbreeding would ruin the family. Likewise, boy monkeys create competition and, when adult, get tossed from the trees.

They move on. Find their way to other monkeys. Create their own troops.

That’s the beauty of God. He has plans for all of his creatures. He knows that sometimes we need to suffer in order to move on and live…just like that girl monkey who was told to leave the troop.

And we need faith, just like the monkey asleep on the branch, his tail the only thing keeping him from plunging 60 feet to the river where an alligator might eat him. He sleeps with confidence.

And so should we. Have faith in God’s plans for us as well as his protection.

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One thought on “The Beauty of God

  1. So incredibly beautiful! Your amazingly insightful and eloquent in your writing. Wishing you an amazing new year and wonderful vacation but can’t lie that I’m looking forward to you coming home to paint together at Sabina’s

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