The Art of Letter Writing

Between now and Christmas, the three next volumes of Amish Circle Letters will be published. In the next week, you will be able to read Lizzie’s Letter (Volume 5). That brings us halfway through the circle.

Letter writing is an art form…one that is rapidly becoming lost amidst the age of technology with 140 character Twitter postings and short Facebook statuses. Children communicate with their parents and grandparents via text messages, filled with a new and strange language that lacks vowels and requires expert knowledge in a creative language art skills.

I love reading old letters. I have a bin full of letters from my grandmother, Sarah Marie. During my college years, I was an avid traveler…spending summers in Europe or Alaska or exploring the continental USA. We communicated by letters (yes, this was BEFORE cell phones…remember those days?). I would write to her, asking about the Mennonite religion and her beliefs about God. She would write back with answers to my questions and ask me some new questions to reflect upon. When I string these letters together, they tell an amazing tale…a tale of two very different generations coming together through the beauty of the written word.

There is power in the written word…the power of reflection, compassion, and intelligence (or, in some cases, lack thereof)! Abused, the written word is dangerous. Respected and the written word becomes something magical and precious, something to be cherished and passed down through the generations…like letters from my grandmother to my children.

Amish Circle Letters is about this very thing. Since the Amish do not use cell phones (as a rule), they can communicate by visiting in person or through letters. Social phone calls are a no-no in most church districts. They believe it is better to live a slower life, one that is full of reflection, compassion, and intelligence…not rapid texts, emails, or phone calls that can intrude on our private time.

My short stories in Amish Circle Letters weave together that very reflection, compassion, and intelligence of letter writing. As each letter is written, the reader learns more about the family…how they interact, how they respond, and how they feel. If you haven’t started reading the circle, I invite you to do so. I promise that you won’t be disappointed in the lives that you are introduced to in each volume.


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0 thoughts on “The Art of Letter Writing

  1. The “Letters” are wonderful!!!! I cannot wait for the next one to come out. Thank you for making my days better.

  2. I’m looking forward to reading these. I’ve actually cultivated a few penpals and would welcome more. Email is nice if something is urgent, but there’s nothing that compares to actually sending or receiving a letter in the mail. When I receive one, it makes me feel so special. Someone actually took the time to sit down and write a personalized letter to me and mail it. I really look forward to the mail. I also do enjoy FB, but letters are my favorite. Blessings for your continued inspiration.

  3. I too, enjoy writing letters and have written many through-out my life. But fewer and fewer will write. So you miss a lot of time with family and friends. Because when your letter arrives, it’s like sitting down for a visit. I love to go back and reread letters from the past, and also those that I receive at Christmas. (The one time when some will still write.) Recently one of my daughters was here and I handed her a letter from when her kids were small. She was thrilled. And, also one to me from her daughter when she was in college. Then her daughter read them. I do hate that part of technology. And, the fact that soon many Post Offices will have to close their doors. I would love to read all of the Circle letters. Maybe I could find some in the Library, I have also had pen pals in the past. Maxie

  4. I loved writing and getting real letters in the mail. It was fun to re re ad and save some of them for a while. But it has become a lot art as we can get messages to people so much faster on the internet and get messages back quicker on here too. I am always so happy to get a letter in the mail. Wish we’d go back to that and do it more often.

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