Officially Christmas Season

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Please notice that I used the word “Christmas,” not holiday. And while this is the holiday season, I much prefer the use of the word CHRISTMAS. After all, the entire holiday season for Christian is about Christ. Too many people lose sight of that. Two thousand plus years ago, this child was born in Bethlehem, […]

My Struggle with Mansfield Park

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So I’m working on rewriting Mansfield Park. And I’m struggling. A lot. At the risk of upsetting fellow Austenites who have a different opinion, there is something about Fanny Price that I find less than…attractive (I’m trying to be nice). At least in the first part of the novel. Perhaps it is her insecurity and […]

We Just Never Know

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On my recent trip to Holmes County, Ohio with Lisa Bull, we spent a lot of time driving around and looking at the scenery. You simply cannot beat the scenery: rolling hills and beautiful farms with the occasional Amish buggy passing by the car. It’s just gorgeous, especially in the winter. At one point, we […]

Ohio Amish Country

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How do I explain my feelings about visiting Ohio? It’s different. The Amish in Holmes County, Ohio are different. Not in a good or bad way. Just…different. Fans of books about the Amish might be surprised to learn that there are different types of Amish: Swartzentruber, Dan, Old Order, New Order, Nebraska, etc. Some of […]