A Selfish Christmas Wish

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Earlier today, someone asked me what I’m getting my children for Christmas. *sigh* And so it begins. (eye roll) Being a fan of Google, I decided to see what it had to say about this whole gift giving thing which drives me CRAZY. Here’s what I found: One of the main reasons we have the […]

Illuminating Light by Lisa Bull

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We walked into the restaurant for breakfast. The room was lined with people. Our “greeting” from the host was, “There is a wait.” (I know…the friendliness was amazing **insert sarcasm**). After being told it was a five minute wait, we decided our day wouldn’t be ruined (sarcasm again) and waited. Once we were seated our […]

Wednesday’s Wandering…: Review of Karen Kingsbury’s “Family of Jesus”

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Family of Jesus  by Karen Kingsbury Preorder on Amazon Release Date July 1, 2014 I was privileged enough to pre-read (and review) Karen Kingsbury’s upcoming novel, Family of Jesus. Having just finished it, I can honestly say that Karen Kingsbury is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors. The book is comprised of several stories […]