Cowgirl Cat

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Last week, I spent a lot of time on Facebook talking about my book, Cowgirl Cat. However, I know that many of you might not follow me on my Facebook page so you are not watching my daily live stream videos. Not following me on Facebook? Click here and LIKE my page so that you […]

Fly in the Ointment

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When you have horses, you inevitably have flies. For the past two weeks, I’ve been battling with two lingering pests that will.not.die. Now, that might sound really cruel, but they are in my house and landing all over the place. Like gerbils, two flies will quickly equal two hundred. So I have been on the […]

Magical Moments…

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Something magical happened this week. My husband and I traveled to Lancaster County to deliver some of our summer ponies and horses that we don’t need until next year. Rather than transport them to our farm in Florida, we decided to board them in PA. Easier drive, safer for people and horses in transit. We […]