Making Others Happy

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I’m sitting in my front room, the fire dying out in the fireplace behind me, and I’m participating in a workshop about “Learning to Fully Charge Your Battery” (because I really need MORE energy…ha ha ha). And the moderator/Instructor asked this question: Do you focus a lot of energy on doing things that boost your […]

Monday’s Musing: My Pig Ate the Blanket

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“My pig ate the blanket!” That’s not something you would normally hear someone say–although my pet-pig-loving-friend Maureen Kingsbury may have said that a few times in her house. I’m sitting on my sofa, completely exhausted from a few chaotic weeks of writing and making deadlines, and I’m chatting online with my LRWF Lisa Bull while […]

More Stories of Happy Life

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Having just returned from Lancaster County, I have to tell you the following story. It follows my tale about the parking attendant in NYC who gave me a Christmas card. As you may recall, I have the philosophy that by “being nice”, you can change lives…including your own. It works. Truly. I once gave my […]