Plain Fame: Who Wants Fame Anyway?

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It’s a funny question that, at some time or another, we have probably asked ourselves or even others: which would you prefer—wealth or fame? OK, ok, I know the politically correct answer is “health and happiness.” Unfortunately, Amanda Beiler did not have much of a choice. For Amanda, fame finds her. What would you do […]

So You Say by Lisa Bull

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These are some of the things our society deems important and valuable. And, yet, if you watch the news or look at the people around you, what do these things really bring? Are they happier? Are they stress-free? Are depression and anxiety non-existent in their lives? How about worry? They don’t have worries, right? WRONG. […]

New Blog Posting: On Success

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Success. The word carries  different meanings to different people. Some people aspire to be great singers and recognize success when they sign with a label. Some people want to obtain a college education and find success when they walk across that stage to accept their degree. Yet, to other people, success might be something as […]