Morning Coffees

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Several people have inquired about why I have stopped doing my daily videos on Facebook. Unfortunately, with some of the recent news out of Facebook, I have decided to stop my Morning Coffees. I began my daily videos three years ago. Over time, I began to see that 2,000 people were viewing each vlog which […]

Evil Dragons

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Oooo the evil dragons have reared their ugly heads again in yet another “Christian” group on Facebook, slandering others in their typical late night rantings (what ARE you doing at that hour, ladies?). The ironic thing is that it’s the same people who banter back and forth, one under two of her fake accounts. This […]

Christmas Gifts

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Someone asked me what gifts were received in my house this morning. Besides the surprise of Daisy Doodle having UNWRAPPED the presents under the tree this morning, I had to really give some thought to this question. And the answer came to me. My greatest gift this year is YOU. Every single person who has […]