Traditions Change

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I love traditions. I remember growing up that, every Christmas, we would travel to my grandparents in Pennsylvania. It was our tradition. Then we began rotating among the women (my mom, Aunt Lorraine, and Aunt Evie). It was a new tradition. After my grandmother passed away, the family didn’t get together anymore. No tradition. Families […]

Officially Christmas Season

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Please notice that I used the word “Christmas,” not holiday. And while this is the holiday season, I much prefer the use of the word CHRISTMAS. After all, the entire holiday season for Christian is about Christ. Too many people lose sight of that. Two thousand plus years ago, this child was born in Bethlehem, […]


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So tomorrow is Christmas. It’s been a hard season for me. For many people…I liked a posting by Whoopie Pie Pam and thought I would share it here:  It’s Christmas Eve.. as I quickly log onto FB this morning before heading to the store, I see so many posts of friends who are hurting this […]

Refuge & Strength…

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Recently, I had the honor of writing my first inspirational/devotional book with Lisa Bull, one of those people that you meet and know, instantly, that you were probably best buddies growing up as a toddler but moved away before you had a chance to really get to know each other. In fact, I have a […]