An Empty Cup ** On Sale

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My publisher, Waterfall Press, has a present for all of my readers. They listed An Empty Cup on sale for a few days. This book was originally published in April 2015 and, during its lifetime, the book has touched tens of thousands of people. Yes, tens of thousands. It deals with depression among the Amish. So […]

An Empty Cup of Bittersweet Joy

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This week, I learned that my novel, An Empty Cup, was the #1 bestseller at Walmart for my publishers. Initially, I rejoiced at such news (who wouldn’t!???). Having wanted to be a writer for almost forty years, have “#1” and “bestseller” (as well as “you’re a rock star”) sent to you in an email from […]

Wednesday’s Wanderer: The Brilliance Behind Audio Books

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Hi Teri! Thank you for joining us. Why don’t you start off by introducing yourself? Hi Sarah! My pleasure! Thanks so much for having me! What a treat! Teri Clark Linden here, coming to you from Yellow Springs, Ohio!     Listen to Teri’s interview! [su_audio url=”″ width=”100%” autoplay=”no” loop=”no” class=””] Before we dive into […]