Delicious Cookies from Cookie Club Readers

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I’ve been really enjoying reading the reviews from the pre-readers of my latest book, The Amish Cookie Club, on Amazon,, and Goodreads. One of the reviewers made me laugh: Angela Brocato-Skaggs just made my day: “I always say the book I just finished is my favorite by Sarah Price but this one truly is.”  […]

We Just Never Know

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On my recent trip to Holmes County, Ohio with Lisa Bull, we spent a lot of time driving around and looking at the scenery. You simply cannot beat the scenery: rolling hills and beautiful farms with the occasional Amish buggy passing by the car. It’s just gorgeous, especially in the winter. At one point, we […]

Waking up in Walnut Creek, Ohio

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Waking up in Walnut Creek, Ohio, it is still dark outside and my clock says it’s five-something. I don’t have my glasses on, so I’m not certain of the “something” part. Outside the window, I hear a horse and buggy approach the small house where we are staying. As it disappears further down the road, […]